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Dinosaur of the Day #226 - Antarctopelta

Artists: Tuomas Koivurinne and Sergio-Perez

Antarctopelta is the first armoured dinosaur known to have lived in Antarctica,‭ ‬though it should be pointed out that when Antarctopelta lived there,‭ ‬Antarctica was not covered in snow and ice.‭ ‬Antarctopelta‭ ‬was a kind of dinosaur called a nodosaur which means that in life it would have had a squat quadrupedal profile.‭ ‬The back and sides of Antarctopelta‭ ‬would‭ ‬have been protected by a covering of bony armour called ostederms as well as possibly some spikes so that the teeth‭ ‬of predatory dinosaurs could not get through.‭ ‬This was a similar survival strategy as that used by the closely related ankylosaurids,‭ ‬but as a nodosaur,‭ ‬Antarctopelta would have lacked a tail club.


Rarity: Epic
Health: 3750
Damage: 1000
Speed: 111
Armour: 30%
Critical: 10%

Superior Vulnerability
Taunting Shields
Revenge Instant Ferocity
Decelerating Counter

Resistant to speed decrease (50%) and vulnerable (100%)

Looking at Antarctopelta’s stats she comes across as fairly average and not at all what I would expect from an Epic rarity. As for her abilities she seems to be a typical ankylosaur/nodosaur but with a nice instant ferocity ability. The problem with Antarctopelta seems to be that without that instant ferocity her damage is too low for an Epic in my opinion. Even with it, she doesn’t quite do enough. I think that unfortunately, Antarctopelta is going to be a DNA farm for her hybrid Antarctovenator.

Antarctopelta is not going to be of much use in Raid’s I don’t think although maybe she might be okay for the right tournament. What do you think?

What do you think about Antarctopelta?

What to start with?

I find revenge instant ferocity just a worst ready to crush…
his kit is basically an ankylosaurus kit (meaning SV and Taunting shield)which is good for raids but pointless in pvp.
All the ankys should do damage on their shield so they can have a use in pvp.
The decelerating counter is curious,i mean,its mostly know in kentro family so,i don’t see the point?

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I’m not a fan of Ready to Crush either, so I can agree there.

Agreed. It’s the lack of damage in general for me considering Antarctopelta is of Epic rarity. She should be 1200 at least. I agree that the shields should do damage as well.

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Huh, so JW:TG lied to me

In what way?

the JW:TG model had a tail club

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Ah. Very odd. As a nodosaur she didn’t have one.

Antacrtopelta is actually really decent. The decel counter is pretty good. And it it gets the ferocity and SV, then that’s a lot of damage. It also has good bulk to back it up

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Maybe. It’ll take seeing it in action to truly know. I have faced one in the Arena under AI control (Lockwood Estate) and frankly it wasn’t very good at all.

Well, then again, it’s the AI. An antarctopelta can deal 5250 in 2 turns with a ferocious+counter+SV+counter

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This isn’t really related to antarticapelta however it does relate to your Dinosaur Of The Day series. How is it possible to be on part 266 when there are only 235 Dino’s in the game?

I was pondering that but I can’t see where I’ve gone wrong. If you can spot it let me know

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Either that I’ve seriously missed something

Fixed. I misunderstood (problem with reading on my phone). It’s been a long day :frowning:

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How are you figuring 5250? I can’t work out how you are getting to that number.

First go fir ferocity. Then you do a counter for 1500. Then it’s SV. That’s another 1500. Then a ferocious counter plus vulnerability is 2250. Also it has a 10% crit rate. That can make a decent difference

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My pelta did well in the tournament. She was able to kill Nemys and Rhino bit by bit.

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