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Dinosaur of the Day #230 - Gorgotrebax


Rarity: Apex.
Health: 4500
Damage: 1600
Speed: 113
Armour: 0%
Critical: 20%

Group Speedup Cunning Strike.
Cautious Impact.
Revenge Nullifying Rampage.
Group Instant Distraction.

Resistant to crit reduction (100%), damage over time (75%), distraction (100%), rending (75%), stun (100%) and swap prevention (75%).

Gorgotrebax is the new Apex creature that comes with the 2.3 update. Looking over her stats she is okay. Nice but nothing too over the top. Well worth it just on stats. But look at those abilities. Gorgotrebax is just crazy. She can’t pull out the damage that Mortem Rex can deliver but Gorgotrebax’s abilities are just insane. She is going to be a real nightmare to deal with.

While Gorgotrebax is going to be nice in the Arena, I think it will be Raids where she shines the most. She seems to me to be the perfect option for nullifying the opposition while everyone else just lays the smack down. With other team boosts she will be even better.

What are your thoughts on Gorgotrebax?


She is ok but too slow and too bulky for cunning ??

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It’s probably a counter balance to the abilities though

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It has a great design from the looks of it, but the impression I’m getting is that it’ll be outshined by the Unique speedsters, and that really low speed stat isn’t helping.
Revenge Nullifying Rampage is pretty unique, and the ability to deal that much damage turn 1 removing shields could be useful, but that 2-turn cooldown holds it back. Otherwise it could use Spyx’s gimmick where it attacks, uses Instant Distraction to regain priority or avoid a big hit then attacks again.

In raids Group Instant Distraction could be very useful, but its other moves aren’t very good.

I think it would do better if it was more of a wildcard, because as far as Cunnings go it’s pretty hard to beat Erlikospyx without being a clone. An On Escape ability or a Ferocious move could make it more versatile.


Seems very UN-cunning like to me. Insane health and damage but the speed is a bit lacking. Mind you these are still probably the best stats of any creature that speed. This is gonna be a fierce’s nightmare but will probably hold her own against resilients. Raids are probably where she shines the most but that extra delay on instant distraction really hurts in the arena


I find it kind of very interesting creature.
It will completly shine in Pve ,where his abities to increase the speed of his team while distract opponent will be appreciate.
And the group instant distraction will probably allow some combo.
If think aswell,it might not be a tyrant but high elite,considering this creature have an answer to almost everything.
An opponent use cloak?cautious strike or nullifying
An opponent want to distract you?immune
An opponent use chomper?literally 3 distracting skills
An opponent set a shield?nullifying rampage
An opponent is faster?speed up + cunning
I think people really underestimate his power.
1600 damage + 20% crit is really nice,even if its slow.
Imagine,going on battlefield,revenge killing a tryko,getting +10%speed and get ready turn 2 to deliver the rampage with 125 speed?


Great option for raids, but fast enough to body most fierce creatures too

Good cunning. I will say spyx is probably better. And like all pure cunnings, it loses to glyptodon

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All hail lord glyptodon. Now one of the 3 commons to be able to kill a apex XD

Glyptodon is a carnivore with all the cunnings it eats


the only thing i dislike about Trebax is it literally has 4 of the new moves added this patch. 3 of which are currently exclusive to it, when cautious impact and Revenge null rampage could’ve been given to other underpowered creatures (RNI to orion and CI to maybe indoraptor)


i agree, cunnings are cunning for their speed

If it’s going to have that low of a speed as a non-Hybrid gorgonopsid, it should at least have some armor (20% at the max), even as a Cunning.

Otherwise, it needs a severe speed buff to viable in PvP.

Both Arctops and Gorgonops both have 130 - 131 speed, don’t they? So it wouldn’t be too outlandish to give Gorgotrebex 128 speed would it?

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It should be speed buffed to 130. That would make it a true apex.

Giving it 128-130 speed would not make it broken I don’t think. Even speed in the 120 range would make it far more viable. Look, I like the idea of a slow, powerful, bulky cunning, but this guy is slower than a freaking ceratopsian apex. A CERATOPSIAN!

Also, give it this low speed, grant it 50% speed decrease resistance to reward players for boosting its speed high. Ludia REALLY hates cunnings or somethin

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