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Dinosaur of the Day #231 - Megistotherium

Artist Unknown

A large relative of the more famous Hyaenodon,‭ ‬Megistotherium was clearly one of the main predators of its day.‭ ‬The skull of Megistotherium alone measured up to‭ ‬sixty-six centimetres long,‭ ‬almost as long as the average person’s arm and hand.‭ ‬It is likely that Megistotherium also scavenged carcasses,‭ ‬though in what ratio Megistotherium hunted and scavenged is unknown.‭ ‬In Africa today animals associated with hunting such as lions will scavenge when they can,‭ ‬while animals associated with scavenging such as hyena will also hunt.‭ ‬The bones of mastodons have been found with Megistotherium-like tooth marks upon them,‭ ‬suggesting that Megistotherium at least fed upon them.

There has been speculation however that Megistotherium may be a synonym of Hyainailouros,‭ ‬a relative creodont also known to have attained large sizes,‭ ‬be similar and be active in some of the same locations at the same time as Megistotherium.‭


Rarity: Epic.
Health: 3600
Damage: 1350
Speed: 120
Armour: 0%
Critical: 40%

Fierce Strike.
Armour Piercing Impact.
Rending Attack.
Swap in Ferocity.
No Escape.

Resistant to speed decrease (100%).

Megistotherium is a new cenozoic beast from the 2.3 update. Megistotherium has a reasonable set of stats for what she is. Nothing too low nor too high. Looking at her abilities, she seems a bit of a cenozoic chomper with the ability to go through armour and shields, and boosting that damage nicely. Most opponents cannot escape either which helps her bring them down. I quite like Megistotherium at first glance but it will take seeing her action to say yay or nay.

It is tough to say whether or not Megistotherium will be good for Raids. She has no team abilities and she needs to swap in to get that ferocity. I think she will be far better in the Arena and in tournaments.

What are your thoughts on Megistotherium?

It looks like it’s main gimmick will be the ability to swap into a low-damage move from a high-health creature, trap them and then finish them off with that turn-1 60% HP hit.
I actually used my extremely underleveled one at the border of Aviary and Library for a while, and it got me a couple of takedowns by swapping into Diorajasaurs. There was this one time I was going to try to take down a Trykosaurus but my connection timed out so I’ll never know how that would have gone.

Apart from that gimmick, and it’s situationally high turn-1 damage as a revenge-killer, it is outshined by Andrewsarchus and the Marsupial Lion.

That said, it might have some use in low-level strats for Strike towers, since it has the highest turn-1 Rend damage of any creature in the game right now.

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It looks like a weaker Andrewsarchus to me. The extra health barely makes a difference… swap in ferocity, I see being most useful when you “And Run” to it after taking down something

Overall, seems pretty meh, situational, maybe it will see more use than spino g2 in the epic non-hybrid tourney though

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It IS a weaker andrew. The damage output is worse, it’s slower, has a lousy swap-in. The only benefit to using this guy over andrew is the hp and the few scenarios when SIF is used without taking damage

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The swap in ferocity is definitely the signature move for her. If she sees use it will depend what else is on your team.

Just a bad andrewsarchus for me.
I just don’t understand why the devs jump into it.

Nonhybrids are the creatures that Ludia loves to whip around. I do not think a single nonhybrid got a buff last patch. All nerfs. There are buffs now and again, but not many. So unless a nonhybrid starts out strong, it isn’t gonna be a bright future

it isnt even a diplodocus counter, it would die on turn 2

So what suggestions would you give to improve her?

If it lost Armour-piercing Impact for Rending Takedown that would make it a force to be reckoned with. Slower than Andrew, but better against opponents with really high HP and with better swap-utility.
That might make it borderline OP though. But Cunning creatures would still shut it down, so if they were more relevant maybe it would be fine.