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Dinosaur of the Day #233 - Poukandactylus


Created using DNA from Tupandactylus and Poukaidei.

Rarity: Unique.
Health: 2850
Damage: 1000
Speed: 130
Armour: 0%
Critical: 5%

Side Flap.
Fearless Flap.
Group Instant Distraction.
Armour Piercing Counter.

Resistant to distraction (50%).

Poukandactylus has a fairly disappointing stat block considering that she is a Unique rarity. Health and damage are too low really but she does have a decent speed although it’s not really a good balance. Her abilities are really disappointing though. Poukandactylus is basically dodge and distraction, rinse and repeat with no real damage behind her. I may not be the sharpest talon in the box but every time I look over the stats and abilities I fail to see any use for her.

I can’t see a point to Poukandactylus. She’s not really suitable for the Arena, Raids or tournaments so I’m not sure where and when you would use her.

What are your thoughts on Poukandactylus?

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LOVE her design. HATE her stats.

Considering she requires an exclusive epic, she should be one of the best uniques out.


If it had some sort of group attack-buffing move that versatility could make it more raid-viable, but as things are I don’t see it being especially useful in any of the current Apex raids, at least not in low-level strats.


Overgrown parrot

Tried it in some towers and even against common’s at low levels she underperforms. Dodge and distraction are both easily countered and frequently by 1 move so she gets an underpowered attack off followed by an underpowered counter attack (maybe) then she’s a goner. It needs a complete rework

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I get the impression this thing was solely created just to meet the quota on uniques added per patch.


Is the problem that neither parent creature provides enough difference on the abilities? That and she needs at least 1200 damage with a damage boost ability to be worthwhile? Thoughts?

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It needs a complete rework. It’s like it doesn’t exist. It can be used in a mortem rex raid I suppose but BRUH.

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If they ask me, should have a rework or polish as they did with Poukaidei, 3.6k hp, 1.4k damage, 131 speed and more resistance be fine in my opinion

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You don’t think her abilities need a rework?

or a raking counter attack

Sideflap is fine, but they could create a “Flap Value” that would be a x1.5 attack

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Fearless flapping rampage

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Sorry, but this thing is just bad, a pure cunning (I don’t buy that cunning fierce mess) with low life, HP, and no decent multiplier all turn this thing into one horrible creature

Give her 100% stun resistance like Poukaidei will help her a lot.

Or 67% is still an ok.


I love Poukan’s design, but my goodness, she makes no sense.

She has 1000 base attack, and no way to increase it. The other uniques with 1000 attack have bleed, special rampages, or devastation. Not Poukan! She may have gained “Fierce” to her name, but she loses to every Resilient/Res-combo unique without fail because she can’t do damage.

Her ability in battle is built on her counter-attack. That means she has great health, right? No! She lost 1200 health from Poukai. She’s the only unique with less than 3000 health. She is the single worst candidate for counter-attacks or taunt, but she ended up with both.

I just don’t understand how to use her. She has the worst health, the worst attack, even less speed than before, and she lost her only immunity. How is that an upgrade?


Agreed. Poukandactylus is undeserving of the Fierce class. If Diorajasaur and co can have armour piercing counters and be classed as pure Resilient, then this bird has no business being Fierce when it dies to Resilient in one hit.

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My rework on it:

I come to reclaim her glory. Indeed, she is,no doubt, one of the weakest uniques so far. But with the right team and combination, she can success in Apex raids.



image (she got nullifying rampage on this one, can’t help lol)

Still… please buff her to be more powerful


Lately I have seen her used fairly often around Jurassic Ruins in the Arena. She doesn’t do very well but it seems players are trying to use her.

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