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Dinosaur of the Day # 234 - Ankylodicurus

Created using DNA from Ankylocodon and Doedicurus…

Rarity: Epic.
Tier: TBA.
Health: 4200
Damage: 1150
Speed: 108
Armour: 35%
Critical: 15%

Superior Vulnerability.
Group Taunting Shields.
Resilient Impact.
Superiority Rampage.

Resistant to damage over time (50%), Distraction (50%), Speed Decrease (50%), Stun (100%) and Vulnerable (100%).

Our first new creature from the 2.4 update and it’s a rather cool looking hybrid. Looking at her stats Ankylodicurus doesn’t seem too bad. Speed is slow but that is to be expected. But her other stats are are reasonable. She has good health and armour to soak damage and she has the potential for some decent damage coupled with her abilities. I think that Ankylodicurus is a fair combination of her two parent creatures. I don’t think she is the sort of creature to win you battles hands down but for her rarity she will do you fair for probably the mid way of the Arena. But as with all new creatures until we get to see her in action we won’t know for certain.

Ankylodicurus could be a fair Raid option against the right bosses. She has the group shields and a resilient attack to deal with the cloakers. You would probably have to have a good team to back her up though. She might also be a fair choice for certain tournaments as well. As I mentioned above, we’ll probably have to see her in play first before making that assessment.

What are your thoughts on Ankylodicurus?


I love the design and everything, I don’t know much about how stats and movesets work in this game since my peanut sized brain can’t wrap around it, but I feel as though it could have a minor resistances buff considering its rat parent(ankylocodon) had quite a few.


It does seem a little odd that most are 50% which makes me think that she won’t resist enough to have bothered but I could be wrong.


I would like it if they changed Resilient Impact to Group Shattering Impact, it would be better IMO.


It’s a solid resilient for everywhere, but why it SR is so bad is beyond me


It’s definitely a good one, but it had potential to be better. It deserves a fierce move imo, and downgrading Resilient Rampage to Superiority Rampage was just a weird and unnecessary decision.


I just liked her design. Your skills could be better (RR or GSI). Another thing I don’t understand is why it has less armor than Doe. It has the same protection with large thorns. At the very least it should have 50% armor and thus fight Rixis better.


Feels weird seeing this thing decked out in what looks like sturdy armour only having 35%, but somehow turtles have a higher armour.

Still, dig that design.


I agree with @Stygimoloch_29 that she should have a 50% armour.

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