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Dinosaur of the Day #236 - Dakotaraptor

Artist: Emily Willoughby

The one thing that immediately stands out about Dakotaraptor at first glance is simply the large size of this dromaeosaurid dinosaur.‭ ‬Most dromaeosaurid dinosaurs measure in at under two meters in length,‭ ‬with a few genera ranging between two and three meters long.‭ ‬The Holotype individual of Dakotaraptor however has a reconstructed length of five and a half meters.‭ ‬At the‭ ‬time of the‭ ‬2015‭ ‬description,‭ ‬this makes Dakotaraptor the second largest dromaeosaurid dinosaur known,‭ ‬with the largest being Utahraptor.

As far as comparison between Dakotaraptor and Utahraptor goes,‭ ‬Utahraptor lived in North America around Utah‭ (‬clue is in the name‭) ‬during the Early Cretaceous roughly one hundred and twenty-six million years ago.‭ ‬Dakotaraptor also lived in North America but around South Dakota towards the end of the Late Cretaceous some sixty-six million years ago.‭ ‬Not only are Dakotaraptor and Utahraptor separated by a wide temporal gulf,‭ ‬study of the known fossils of Dakotaraptor show that in body‭ ‬proportions‭ ‬this genus was actually more like genera such as Deinonychus and Dromaeosaurus than it was Utahraptor,‭ ‬making a direct link between Dakotaraptor and Utahraptor unlikely.

Studies of dromaeosaurid dinosaurs going back to the late twentieth century indicate that dromaeosaurid dinosaurs almost certainly had feathers.‭ ‬These feathers were not necessarily all over the body,‭ ‬but were likely on the thorax and abdomen and almost certain on the arms.‭ ‬Dakotaraptor supports this theory in that fossils of the ulna‭ (‬one of the forearm bones‭) ‬show attachment points for large pennaceous feathers.‭ ‬It is unknown to what extent feathers would have covered Dakotaraptor,‭ ‬but smaller insulating feathers are known to‭ ‬have covered the body in even larger theropod dinosaurs such as the tyrannosaur Yutyrannus.‭ ‬However other dinosaurs living in North America during the late Cretaceous such as the ornithomimosaur Ornithomimus are known to‭ ‬have had small feathers on the back and sides of the body,‭ ‬but have legs that were devoid of feathers.‭ ‬The coverage of feathers on Dakotaraptor were likely a reflection of environmental factors first,‭ ‬and additional functions such as display and egg insulation second.


Rarity: Epic.
Tier: TBA.
Health: 3150
Damage: 1200
Speed: 129
Armour: 0%
Critical: 5%

Precise Pounce.
Distracting Rampage.

Resistant to Distraction (100%).

2.4 has given us a nice new member of the raptor family. Going by her stats Dakotaraptor seems quite reasonable with a good speed and a decent amount of damage for her abilities. That damage is awesome for her two attack abilities, allowing Dakotaraptor to put our a significant amount of hurt on it’s opposition. Boosted I can see her being even more formidable. Sidestep is an interesting addition for a basic ability. At first glance I like the look of Dakotaraptor and I can certainly see myself using her (I think she’ll go very well on my raptor theme week).

I think she’ll be good for the Arena and tournaments but like other raptors I think she’ll get passed by in regards to Raids. Her damage and distractions are nice but incoming damage is probably going to down her far too quickly. Hopefully I’m wrong and she’ll be a nice all rounder.

What are your thoughts on Dakotaraptor?


as far as the model goes, it feels rushed. some textures don’t look the best. can’t really comment on the abilities yet as i have yet to unlock her and test them out.


I played around with her this morning in the campaign, and sadly she didn’t do too well. Having a Cooldown of 2 on Distracting Rampage really hurts it. And not having a basic attack that does damage also reduces my likely towards her. But if we move past my experiences on paper she looks pretty good, and might see some use in the epic tournament.

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Yeah. I do feel it’s feathers atop her head has a bit more to be desired. And kinda looks like a utahraptor model with some added feathers and a new paint job which is a bit disappointing because it is my favorite raptor. When I learned she was coming from the data mine I thought she would look like the Saurian Dakotaraptor, I guess not…

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It’s a solid pick, but with DR having a 2 turn CD AND a delay, its really going to feel that in tourneys. Raid wise I see it being usable in some smaller ones, but that’s about it

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I get that. I find it odd that any creature would have a purely defensive move as it’s basic and there are many that do. Raptors should at least have a strike attack as their primary.

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Its another 4800-in-2-turns-cunning, meaning it beats Acro in 2 hits and it has good anti-cunning capabilities too. It’s definitely one of the better ones.


Actually, that doesn’t really affect it too much as raptors usually don’t live past turn 3. It’s also pretty funny that Blue kills troodon, who kills dakota, who kills Blue, and they all kill Pyro, who is probably the best raptor


the head…needs some remodeling

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I do think it appears a bit too chunky but that might be because of the feathers.

I tried it in the tourney and it’s amazing. She helped me shred all the chompers there are.

I’ve got Raptor week coming up and I’m going to give her a good testing out then. She has done well in strike towers for me though so i have high hopes.