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Dinosaur of the Day #238 - Oviraptor

Artist: Unknown

The dinosaur Oviraptor has a very unfortunate name as it was given to it on the presumption that it stole other dinosaur’s eggs.‭ ‬When the first dinosaur eggs were discovered in Mongolia,‭ ‬they were thought to belong to the herbivorous Protoceratops due to the large number of their remains in the vicinity.‭ ‬Also because the Oviraptor specimen in question has had its skull crushed,‭ ‬it was thought that it was inflicted by a Protoceratops that was guarding the nest.‭ ‬Further,‭ ‬the type species name philoceratops translates to‭ '‬lover of ceratopsians‭’‬,‭ ‬as in a preferred food source.

However a study conducted by Mark Norrel et al. in‭ ‬1993‭ ‬revealed the presence of an Oviraptor embryo,‭ ‬revealing for the first time that the Oviraptor was not stealing eggs,‭ ‬it was merely tending to its own nest.‭ ‬A resulting scenario that could play out if the Oviraptor had indeed had its skull crushed by a Protoceratops could run along the lines of a Protoceratops disturbing an Oviraptor as it was on the nest.‭ ‬The Oviraptor only thinking about defending its nest begins an immediate threat display and possible attack on the invading Protoceratops.‭ ‬When things escalated too far,‭ ‬the Protoceratops may have been able to capture the head of the Oviraptor in its beak,‭ ‬crushing is skull in the process.‭ ‬The death of the Oviraptor therefore could be indicative of the eggs failure to hatch.

Although its name is now considered a slight against the possible true behaviour of Oviraptor,‭ ‬Henry Fairfield Osborn did not name it out of complete rashness,‭ ‬he merely interpreted the name from the proximity of the Oviraptor remains to the eggs.‭ ‬When naming Oviraptor in his‭ ‬1924‭ ‬paper,‭ ‬Osborn did indeed note the fact that the name may not actually be befitting the dinosaur’s true nature.

For what has become a highly popular dinosaur,‭ ‬only partial remains are known,‭ ‬including the aforementioned crushed skull.‭ ‬For this reason reconstruction of Oviraptor is reliant upon the study of another very similar dinosaur,‭ ‬Citipati.‭ ‬In many ways Oviraptor and Citipati are almost identical,‭ ‬and this has allowed for what are considered to be much more accurate reconstructions of Oviraptor.

As a member of the oviraptoridae,‭ ‬Oviraptor almost certainly had a covering of feathers over its entire body.‭ ‬It also likely had a pygostyle,‭ ‬several fused vertebrae at the base of the tail that in modern birds is used as a support for tail feathers.‭ ‬A further comparison that could be drawn up from the Oviraptor nest and individuals of Citipati is nesting behaviour.‭ ‬Study has shown that the feathered covered arms were used to insulate eggs as they were incubated for hatching.‭ ‬Also,‭ ‬Oviraptor seems to have had a similar head crest to Citipati,‭ ‬although perhaps not as large.

With the egg stealing idea now debunked unless hard fossil evidence for Oviraptor eating eggs can be found,‭ ‬it has left doubt as to the exact kind of diet this dinosaur once had.‭ ‬Because it possessed a short beak with no teeth,‭ ‬it could presumably eat anything.‭ ‬One clue is the remains of a lizard found with the original material in what would have been its stomach.‭ ‬Fossils of clams and molluscs are also common to the area,‭ ‬and it’s conceivable that the beak once thought to have been used for breaking eggs could have been used to break the shells of clams.‭ ‬These two facts suggest that animal protein would have formed at least a part of the diet.‭ ‬Oviraptor may have also been able to live an omnivorous lifestyle by also including things like seasonal fruits such as berries in its diet,‭ ‬although without evidence,‭ ‬this can only be speculation.


Rarity: Rare.
Tier: TBA.
Health: 2700
Damage: 1300
Speed: 129
Armour: 0%
Critical: 15%

Devious Strike.
Cunning Rampage.

Resistant to crit reduction (100%) and distraction (100%).

The last of the new creatures from the 2.4 update and she’s another actual dinosaur! Yay! Looking at her stats to start with… her health is average but she has reasonable damage and high speed. Oviraptor also has a nice critical chance. Can’t fault her for her stats given her rarity. Turning to her abilities Oviraptor is another dodge based dinosaur but with a high damage ability that you’re trying to keep her alive until you can use it. All in all I think Oviraptor seems okay when you take an overall look at her. She doesn’t stand out as being amazing but she’ll have her uses I think in the right team.

Looking at her, I don’t think she is particularly well suited to Raids and I don’t see her being all that viable for tournaments either, although I may be wrong down the road. She may have a place in the Arena but I think she’s going to end up as a DNA farm for Ovilophosaurus realistically.

What are your thoughts on Oviraptor?


Nice model but colors are pretty bland. Stats and movements are decent however given the sheer prevalence of resilients it’s pretty much gonna go unused by most or end up being a free kill in tourneys.

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Agreed. That is why i don’t think she is as good as she good be. Too many resilient creatures who can stop her in her tracks.

The animations are incredible. I used it in the tournament and it was better than expected. Unfortunately it was destroyed by any resilient who crossed her path.

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This guy ROCKS. It does really well in tourneys despite the resilient meta, and can almost always dish out some insane damage not anything, even those pesky resilients. Probably tied with Ornitho for my go to cunning for tourneys


Does OK in the arena. Easy draco and boa bait. Suchotator shreds it too. Basically destroyed by the majority of resilients. But fierce creatures are strong in a rare setting. But another kicker is the speed compared to ornith

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