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Dinosaur of the Day #239 - Andrewtodon


Created using DNA from Glyptodon and Andrewsarchus.

Rarity: Epic.
Tier: TBA.
Health: 3450
Damage: 1300
Speed: 112
Armour: 15%
Critical: 25%

Fierce Strike.
Armour Piercing Impact.
Cleansing Impact.
Rending Takedown.
No Escape.
Exposing Counter.

Resistant to speed decrease (100%), stun (50%) and vulnerable (25%).

Our only hybrid from the new 2.6 update, Andrewtodon looks like an interesting option. She has a good set of stats. let down only a little by her speed. Not a bad trade off though for what you get I don’t think. Looking at Andrewtodon’s attacks, she doesn’t seem too bad in that regard either. She has some fair damage that mostly gets through shields and armour while cleansing. Couple with the new exposing counter, she has the ability to deal some hurt on the opposition. She doesn’t come across as amazing to me but certainly handy to have on a team.

It’s too early right now to say where she lies with regards to Raids and the Arena, but I think she could be handy in either area. Andrewtodon looks like she could be a nice option for tournaments too. I’m not 100% sure yet. What do you think?

What are your thoughts on Andrewtodon?


It’s ok. The speed is what kills her and yet makes her better. It helps with the Exposing Counter. What I think is a let down is that armor. It went from 40 percent from Glypotodon to 15 percent. Should have gotten around 30. I mean even the description says that the drone was recalibrated for Andrewtodon, and it’s at 15%. Also though the Moveset is nice, I would prefer something like Resilient Impact over API, so that it shows a bit more of its resilient heredity. It’s decent, but I’m not sure how well it will preform. I think Diplo will finally have a nightmare about a fierce creature though.


Great moves, but no resilient moves and low HP and speed. IF he had a little more speed and HP then he would be fine.


I’m using it in the tournament and it has good and bad match-ups. I did get a 100% rending takedown on someone which was nice


So tournament use seems good. What are your thoughts on Andrewtodon in Raids? Worthwhile or not?

Not really. No group attacks, though that exposing counter will be pretty good. I’ve seen it in a Mammoth raid, it was ok. It can be used to help an under level Thor deal some extra damage to a boss.


andrewtodon is… complicated. there are situations where it shreds, and situations where its really bad.
the base stats are the worst part about andrewtodon. the health and speed are pretty low, and 15% armor is low considering glyptodon has 40%. plus, the crit chance isnt as good as andrewsarchus’ 40%. the speed in particular hurts, as it will get routinely outsped by a lot of creatures.
the moveset, though. oh boy. this moveset is perfect for a fierce creature. fierce strike is pretty good. really the only weak part of the moveset is API. cleansing impact is pretty good, and rending takedown is always good to have. no escape helps against those pesky swappers.
exposing counter is very powerful. while there are a lot of vulnerable resistant creatures, those who arent resistant to it are gonna take a massive hit. see, vulnerability means you take 50% more damage. rending takedown already takes away 60% of the opponent’s max HP. so that means a rending counter that is used against a vulnerable creature will take away 90 PERCENT of their max HP, and will instantly take out the opponent’s dinosaur if it gets a crit. that is wild.
while andrewtodon has a niche use, its still pretty strong. it has its ups and downs as every dino does. it can beat top tier uniques like geminititan and ardentismaxima, but can lose to weak commons like monolophosaurus gen 2. on par with epic hybrids like procerathomimus and gorgosuchus. im excited to test this one out.

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