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Dinosaur of the Day #240 - Rinchenia

Artist Unknown

Rinchenia was originally described as a species of Oviraptor by Rinchen Barsbold in‭ ‬1986,‭ ‬but a later re-evaluation identified the species as a distinct genus.‭ ‬Unfortunately for Oviraptor,‭ ‬this removed the only skull were the crest is preserved,‭ ‬meaning that reconstructions of Oviraptor are now based upon Rinchenia.‭ ‬This might not be a huge problem however since the two genera resemble each other in so many other ways,‭ ‬they may have had similar crests too.‭ ‬However since this crest was presumably for display,‭ ‬there might be some difference in the exact size and form,‭ ‬though the difference in life may have been as simple as colour.


Rarity: Epic.
Tier: TBA.
Health: 2700
Damage: 1450
Speed: 129.
Armour: 0%
Critical: 10%

Devious Strike.
Rampage and Run.

Resistant to crit reduction (100%) and reduced damage (100%).

First off, big thumbs up to Ludia for finding another dinosaur that even I had never heard of. :+1:

Rinchenia is our first geo-locked creature. She is only found in Asia, Africa, Oceania and the Middle East. This is partly correct as Rinchenia was found in Mongolia. In theory I guess this could mean that she will be tough to collect depending how many JWA players we have on that side of the world. Hopefully though she’ll show up in a weekly event drop soon enough.

Let’s start with her stats. Rinchenia feels a little flimsy looking them over. Health isn’t great, much like similar dinosaurs that we already have. Damage is probably above average and she does have a decent speed. As for her abilities, she is basically a slightly (arguably) better version of Oviraptor except with rampage & run over cunning rampage. As an Epic rarity I feel she could be slightly better but I have come to like Oviraptor so I am sure once I can get my hands on Rinchenia I’ll get plenty of use out of her.

Much like Oviraptor, I think Rinchenia will be okay in the Arena but she’s lacking anything that makes her suitable for Raids. She might also be okay in the right tournament.

What are your thoughts on Rinchenia?


It’s like an Epic version of Ornithomimus but arguably worse. Struthiomimus has the same issue.


In general she reminds me more of Oviraptor but I know what you mean comparing to Ornithomimius.

I’d like to see an ability change. Right now, you have two one turn dodges, one of which deals some damage, but she feels weaker than she should be for her rarity. Maybe once I get her and can try her out I may change my mind.

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rinchenia is pretty good, in my opinion. its like a slightly better or slightly worse ornithomimus. i think oviraptor is quite underrated and fun, so i think the same applies to this one.
the stats are the same as oviraptor’s stats, except with more damage and slightly less crit chance.
the moveset is the good part about rinchenia. devious strike is in my opinion one of the best basic moves in the game. very powerful move. sidestep is pretty good as well. rampage and run makes this thing very good for huge combos, such as R&R into woolly rhino.
overall, im impressed. on par with strong epic non hybrids like alanqa, dakotaraptor, secodontosaurus, smilodon, spinosaurus gen 2, stygimoloch, and rex.

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