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Dinosaur of the Day #241 - Stegoceras

Artist Unknown

Stegoceras is one of the more common and better known pachycephalosaurs,‭ ‬and one that seems to have had a range that extended from South west/central Canada to the south western states of the USA.‭ ‬The genus however seems to have been quite a bit smaller than its more famous relative‭ ‬Pachycephalosaurus.

Like with all pachycephalosaurs,‭ ‬the skull of Stegoceras is noted for having extreme thickening which‭ ‬would have resulted in a dome-like structure on top of the skull.‭ ‬In Stegoceras the bone that would have made up the dome would be around‭ ‬seventy-five millimetres at its maximum thickness.‭ ‬The eyes are also interesting to note‭ ‬as the eye sockets would have faced forwards,‭ ‬which means that Stegoceras would have also had a fairly good degree of stereoscopic vision,‭ ‬meaning depth perception.‭ ‬Stegoceras was also once noted as the only ornithischian dinosaur to have gastralia‭ (‬belly ribs‭)‬,‭ ‬however these have now been re-examined and realised to be ossified tendons.

In‭ ‬1983‭ ‬a species of Stegoceras named S.‭ ‬browni was established as a distinct genus named Ornatotholus .‭ ‬This was noted as a flat headed pachycephalosur,‭ ‬however it now seems that the flat headed forms of pachycephalosaurs are actually the juvenile and under developed forms of the dome-headed genera which are adults.‭ ‬Ornatotholus* is now regarded as a juvenile of and hence synonym to the Stegoceras type species S.‭ ‬validum.

Also like with other pachycephalosaurs Stegoceras was once popularly thought to be a‭ ‘‬head butter‭’‬,‭ ‬the thick dome of the skull being used to deal out and absorb impacts.‭ ‬This is not that widely accepted anymore however with some studies suggesting the bone of the skull would have actually not been strong enough to repeatedly absorb hits,‭ ‬others suggesting that it was not of a correct shape to maximise impact area.‭ ‬Other still suggest that‭ ‘‬flank butting‭’‬,‭ ‬where the head was used to give out impacts to the sides of animal would have been more likely given the apparent fragility of the skull.


Rarity: Epic.
Tier: TBA.
Health: 3600
Damage: 1250
Speed: 115.
Armour: 0%
Critical: 15%

Cunning Strike.
Instant Charge.
Critical Impact.
Swap in Stun.

Resistant to crit reduction (100%) and reduced damage (100%).

Another new dinosaur from the 2.6 update is Stegoceras, a new member of the pacycephalosaur family. Stegoceras is geo-locked to North and South America at the moment. Hopefully it won’t be long until she appears as a dinosaur of the day.

Stats-wise she appears to me to be a little average. Health and damage are okay but nothing great. Average speed and with a fair critical chance. Nothing overly special. Looking at her abilities, she is a typical parchycepholosaur with similar attacks to others of her kind. Another stun based swapper but the opportunity to back up her swap with some high critical impact. She may not look much by her stats but perhaps on the right team, she might be worth a try. Plus, you never know what sort of hybrid she may produce a few months down the road.

I don’t think Stegoceras will be Raid material but I think she’ll find a nice spot in tournaments and the arena. She might be good for the Epic only events especially.

What do you think of Stegoceras?


I think she will be useful in tournaments someday, just gotta figure out how to properly use her, and I struggle to understand why she’s a cunning fierce, I would have thought she’d be a cunning resilient
And I like its design, very cute


i want to have it too much

it’s a very good job, did you do one on triceratops?

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It’s a very niche option, swap in to gimp a kill, CI for kill, IC for next creature, and then swap. It’s 1v1 is pretty poor


All the pachycephalosaurus are like that. It’s all about the swap and stun, survive and swap in for the next one. It’s the same as for ceratopsians but not quite as effective as they can’t heal.

Thing is, most of them actually do have decent 1v1’s (except Draco2, but that’s renowned for being a sniper), Stego has an iffy swap in combined with lower output and weaker HP, it’s not exactly on par with others of its type


#RemoveCriticalImpact at this point

Seriously, it’s a flashy impact with a 2 turn cooldown doing less damage than a rampage… at least rework the move, y’know?


Since its part fierce, it should have at least fierce impact, like Draco g2 and Legendary Rat, instead of critical and 120 speed and she’ll be okay.

Here’s a slightly better rework of her

Well at least she’s not a resilient to begin with.

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stegoceras is ok i guess. i dont know why its cunning fierce, if anything its pure cunning.

its health could be better, but its not too bad i guess. same applies to the damage. however, the speed is a problem. with these mediocre stats, 115 speed is not good at all.
the moveset isnt too bad i guess. though with its low speed, i would prefer it to have speed control. instant charge is really the thing that keeps it from being bad. crit impact is a somewhat underrated move, not too bad on this guy either. swap in stun is probably one of the weakest swap in moves, though.
distract resistance helps, i guess.
on par with other mid tier epic non hybrids like blue, concavenator, megistotherium, and troodon.

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