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Dinosaur of the Day #242 - Struthiomimus

Artist: Mohamad Haghani

Struthiomimus remains were actually known all the way back to‭ ‬1901,‭ ‬but were interpreted by Lawrence Lambe to belong to Ornithomimus altus,‭ ‬the first ornithomimid to be named.‭ ‬In‭ ‬1917‭ ‬however,‭ ‬Henry Fairfield Osborn‭ (‬the man who is perhaps best remembered for naming Tyrannosaurus‭) ‬identified key differences in the bones,‭ ‬especially the hands and renamed the remains as a new genus,‭ ‬Struthiomimus.‭ ‬Despite the difference,‭ ‬Struthiomimus and Ornithomimus are‭ ‬still‭ ‬very much like one another,‭ ‬and between them they seem to have been the two most common types of ornithomimid active in North America.

The signature feature of Struthiomimus is the hand size in that the hands are proportionately longer in relation to the rest of the arm than in other known ornithomimid genera.‭ ‬With this feature in mind,‭ ‬it’s possible that Struthiomimus may have had a greater reliance upon using its hands for feeding,‭ ‬although like with other ornithomimids this,‭ ‬what Struthiomimus ate remains a mystery to be certain.

Like with its close relatives,‭ ‬Struthiomimus had a keratinous toothless beak in life,‭ ‬which could have been used for a variety of different feeding strategies.‭ ‬Osborn speculated that Struthiomimus was a selective browser that used this narrow beak to pick out the most nutritious parts of plants.‭ ‬The hands could also have been used to reach around branches and pull down more of the plant to be within range of the mouth.‭ ‬Other palaeontologists however have speculated that Struthiomimus may have been more insectivorous,‭ ‬using the beak to pick out large grubs and insects,‭ ‬while others have gone even further by suggesting that small reptiles like snakes and lizards as well as small primitive mammals may have also been tackled.‭ ‬Today however most prefer to think of Struthiomimus as an omnivore which could adapt to whatever food was available.‭

Omnivory however is the most likely dietary preference for a relatively small dinosaur like Struthiomimus.‭ ‬The strictly herbivore niche would have been filled by large numbers of ceratopsian dinosaurs like Chasmosaurus as well as other dinosaur types like ankylosaurs such as Euoplocephalus and hadrosaurs like Edmontonsaurus.‭ ‬The predatory niche would have also been filled by large tyrannosaurs such as Albertosaurus as well as smaller dromaeosaurs like Dromaeosaurus.‭ ‬But by moving between these groups and adapting to different conditions,‭ ‬Struthiomimus would be able to coexist with these other forms,‭ ‬perhaps going some way to explain the large number of ornithomimid remains in general


Rarity: Epic.
Tier: TBA.
Health: 3300
Damage: 1300
Speed: 126.
Armour: 0%
Critical: 15%

Evasive Strike.
Group Distraction.
Cunning Rampage.

Resistant to crit reduction (100%), reduced damage (100%), stun (100%) and swap prevention (100%).

Struthiomimus is a new 2.6 update dinosaur and is the European geo-locked creature. For what she is, Struthiomimus doesn’t have a bad set of stats. She’s fast and with her abilities has the opportunity to put out a decent amount of damage. Like some others of her kind, Struthiomimus has an evasive ability and priority distraction. It’s the cunning rampage where she’ll get her damage in. I can see her being a nuisance in the Arena but nothing special compared to what is already out there.

She’ll be a nice addition to the Arena and possibly the right tournament. Will she be a Raid creature? Probably not. I’ve never seen anyone use Gallimimus or Ornithomimus in Raid battles, so I don’t think Struthiomimus will be any different in that respect.

What are your thoughts on Struthiomimus?

To say this delicately, she’s just Ornithomimus but slighty downgraded, yet balanced. It could have more speed to make her worthwhile.

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Step aside stats, her physical appearance looks really accurate. Her plumage makes her really stunning.


Ornithomimus but a lot worse. Can’t even take out fierce creatures in 2 hits, and too slow to beat other Cunnings.


Her speed makes her unusually slow and that’s what’s lacking in Struthiomimus.

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Increasing its speed wouldn’t help it against Fierce creatures, which are what it’s meant to counter. The bare minimum you expect from a decent cunning is to deal 4500 damage in 2 hits without being destroyed, which it just can’t do.
Some other Cunnings can’t but they make up for it by bringing the opponent’s damage to zero while dealing damage, or by having good turn 1 damage and speed for revenge-killing and/or beating other Cunnings and good swap-utility. Struthi has none of these things, and it’s not even especially good in raids.


More damage should at least make her worthwhile.

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i think struthio is kinda bad. really slow for a cunning with only 3300 HP, and 1300 damage isnt too good considering its only got 1 multiplier. group distraction is pretty bad as well. it doesnt have swap synergy like the other ornithomimids. the crit chance is nice, but it doesnt make up for it. probably on par with things like anky, raja, and mono.

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