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Dinosaur of the Day #244 - Bumpy

Bumpy is a formerly baby Ankylosaurus that was born in Jurassic World. Born with one large horn, Bumpy first saw Ben Pincus when hatched leading Bumpy to be close to the boy. Later on, Bumpy joined Ben and the rest of the campers from Camp Cretaceous after the escape of the Indominus rex.

Bumpy is of dull yellow complexion, with greenish-blue coloration on her armour and the top of her legs. This is in contrast to the full grown Ankylosaurs which are dull gray in color. Due to her age, Bumpy is only around the size of a large dog, with dull osteoderms distributed across her body and a short, stumpy tail and club. Due to her premature birth, the spikes on the back of her head are asymmetrical, with the one on the right being larger and less blunt than the other (left one).

Within a few weeks, Bumpy has grown to near full-size, being slightly smaller than the rest of her species; comprised mostly of greenish-blue complexion, with dull yellow colouration on her underbelly and bottom of her legs.

Rarity: Epic.
Tier: TBA.
Health: 4200
Damage: 1050
Speed: 113
Armour: 25%
Critical: 10%

Superior Vulnerability.
Instant Invincibility Taunt.
Group Taunting Shields Impact.
Stunning Alert.

Resistant to speed decrease (50%) and vulnerable (100%).

Firstly, Bumpy! Yay! :slight_smile: Really pleased to see Bumpy make an appearance - now we just need Rexy!

Comparing Bumpy to the regular Epic rarity Ankylosaurus, you can see that they are not too dissimilar in regards to their stats. I’d say that Bumpy comes off a little worse but badly so. The big differences are a real lack of health and a slightly better critical chance. I would say that she isn’t disadvantaged because her abilities make up for the lower health.

Bumpy has the same sort of abilities as her Epic sister with a variation on the group taunting shields as she deals a nice chunk of damage along with it. The surprise is that she has stunning alert - an ability I did not expect to see outside of flocking creatures. It’s great while she is nice and healthy but not so great when wounded.

I think Bumpy certainly has a role to play alongside other Ankylosaurs in the game but I think it will take some time to work out exactly what that is. She’ll be okay in the Arena and she might be worth replacing Ankylosaurus in some Erlikogamma raids. Time will tell.

What are your thoughts on Bumpy in the game?


I like the description of her. I still dont have him and the others of the allancie also not yet ( i think…) but see looks nice on the photo. When i got her i will try it…


I think it is next week that we get a chance at her in an incubator strike.

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I hope i can win it… but i’m scared it is level 30 dinosaurs and my higest dinosaur is indoraptor gen 1 with level 24… not that high yet… can max beat the normal epic inbucator strike… :frowning:

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Good luck, but if not, hopefully someone in your Alliance can get Bumpy and put her in a sanctuary for you.


Yes always usefup a nice allancie… then just wait…


For you : good luck too :slight_smile:

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The raptor squad: hmmm…


Oops… you know… they slipped my head completely when I was trying to think. :laughing:


What the heck even that thing that ppl r so excited for.

Bumpy should be decent after I tried her out, but I still think Pelta is slightly better, but I could be wrong. Also thanks Ludia for adding Bumpy and making her the second event-exclusive ankylosaur after Pelta.

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Have you not seen Camp Cretaceous?



Srew 10 character

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I thought it was an erlikogamma raid not an erlikosaurus raid.

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Correct. I’ll fix it.

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Don’t worry, you can say the first proper named herbivore creature


Hmmmm since bumpy will be the friday strike event next week it should have other armored dinosaurs soo I think you should need compers.


Yes! Little wittle- I mean Big Bumpy is in the game!

The first Ankylosaur to have a stun and Alert move!

But the stats and abilities just look like a normal Ankylosaur…

But I just love that Bumpy is in the game!


Yeah we will see how it does in the cash tournament I mean if anyone would use it. Or I guess some friendly battles.


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