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Dinosaur of the Day #245 - Compsocaulus


Made using DNA from Diplocaulus Gen 2 and Compsognathus.

Rarity: Unique.
Tier: TBA.
Health: 3750
Damage: 1350
Speed: 127
Armour: 0%
Critical: 10%

Cunning Strike.
Hop and Mock.
Restricted Group Distraction.
Alert Scurry.
Swap in Distraction.

Resistant to reduced damage (33%), rending (33%), speed decrease (100%) and stun (50%).

Compsocaulus is a new hybrid from the 2.7 update and like the other flocking creatures we now have, it’s going to be a little while until we can tell how well the new mechanic works.

Stat-wise Compsocaulus seems reasonable enough, with fair health, damage and speed. Probably needed for the multi-creature aspect but still good for the rarity of her. When we look at her abilities, this is where we see the complexity of the flock mechanic. We see some interesting abilities that are going to take some time to get used to. Compsocaulus looks like she is a debuff type creature but one capable of putting out some decent damage.

It’s going to be difficult to tell whether flocking will be a useful Raid mechanic… probably not… but certainly, I can see Compsocaulus being a potential choice for the Arena and maybe for the right strike towers.

What are your thoughts on Compsocaulus?


I don’t have compy unlocked so I don’t really have a say in how good compsocaulus is yet. Although I do remember seeing idgt with a level 30 one on his team (shown by a screenshot as I’m not even close to beaches yet) I kinda do feel like it would be a good Thor counter as it has absorb so Thor can’t OHKO it, and it has restricted group distraction and cunning strike.


I can’t say much on its viability either. 100% Decel immunity is very good on a Cunning. It is the 4th Cunning creature out of 64 Cunning creatures total to have fully immunity to Decel. 4 out of 64.

That’s the only thing that is interesting me at the moment. I still don’t understand the Flocking mechanics just yet, so the actual moveset is going to be lost to me for the while. Until then, my opinion on it is going to be in the wind. Battle wise at least.

But design wise, it’s not half bad. Of course it’s red, and we can’t forget the iconic triangular head shape. It kinda screams semi-aquatic as well - what would the tail be good for if not? But other than that, I like it. They’re cute. I’m just happy that they stuck with the Compy body frame instead of the Diplo frame.


Love the design, I was a bit off with colors on my guess of what it would look like but I got pretty close design wise. Can’t wait to unlock this thing, just gonna be another creature I’ll max boost before I fully max lvl it like my own spinocon lol. Though I do wonder why some want it nerfed, like its one of the few cunnings that are being used in upper arenas and people want it nerfed. Anyway can’t wait to see this thing in action, I won’t have this thing unlocked for a while tho since my compy is still lvl 13, maybe 15 or 16 by next weeks master event but we’ll see.


Why would anyone want it nerfed? Compsocaulus looks perfectly fine to me at the moment. How very odd.

It’s pretty tanky for a cunning what with absorb, and can do ok in raids (although it’s low HP really hurts it in ones like Mortem) but I’m not sold on it yet

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For a Unique rarity though, I would expect it to be tough and I think it looks reasonably balanced for what it is. We shall see once people are able to unlock it and drop them into the Arena.

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There’s a thread discussing how its “too strong” and it needs to be nerfed or two strong creatures(gem and max) need to be buffed even more. I once again think its fine, a cunning with an actual fighting chance in the resil and or swap in meta is great


I do find it interesting that when you give a cunning a speed decrease immunity, they actually become viable. Just further cements my belief that resilients should rely on armor, not speed, but anyway.

I’m still on the fence about flock creatures for a variety of reasons, but it’s always nice to see a strong cunning in the game.