Dinosaur of the Day #249 - Dodocevia


Created using DNA from Dodo and Inostrancevia.

Rarity: Legendary.
Tier: TBA.
Health: 4050
Damage: 1400
Speed: 126
Armour: 0%
Critical: 5%

Flightless Strike.
Protective Alert.
Revenge Distracting Impact.
Alert Decoy

Resistant to rending (33%), speed decrease (50%) and stun (50%).

Dodocevia at first glance appears to be a fairly good legendary flocking creature. They have a nice set of stats and the ability to deal out a fair amount of damage. More if appropriately boosted. Dodocevia follows the same sort of ability set as other flocking creatures, being a debuff and heal type, but this time the big hitting attack is a revenge distracting strike. As I have said with the other new creatures that flock, I’m sure how well they will play out yet but hopefully Dodocevia will be a good choice.

I think Dodocevia will be fair for the Arena, maybe even tournaments, but like the other flocking creatures I can’t see much use for them in Raids. At least not at this time.

What are your thoughts on Dodocevia?


I fought a Dodocevia, and I got destroyed… It was lvl 20. The move set it has is super good, especially since it has absorb

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I love mine! It works well as a revenge killer. If you’re able to survive with enough health to get Alert Decoy off, then you can get some pretty big damage in plus the possibility to bring it again later in the match!

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they do certainly remind me of this guy: the carakilla


When you can pull stuff like this off at lower levels without boosts, you don’t wanna see them fully developed


What does Dodocevia mean?

I think it’s just a combo of its ingredients.


Obviously lmao

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Inostrancevia means “after inostransev”

Dodo means …….

So basically “after dodo”

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Dodocevia is truly one of my favorite creatures. It is my highest leveled creature atm


Weird I thought Inostrancevia means ‘Inostrancev’s thing’


Twn char

How did you get so much dodo

Parks help a ton

Yea, i rarely get to go to one

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Well when Dodocevia first came out they kept throwing Dodo at us in events, then it was creature of the month