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Dinosaur of the Day #250 - Refrenantem


Rarity: Apex.
Tier: TBA.
Health: 4200.
Speed: 125.
Defence: 0%
Crit: 10%

Cunning Strike.
Alert Nullification.
Cunning Rampage.
Super Distraction.
Swap-in Distraction.
Alert Counter Distraction.

Resistant to crit reduction (100%), damage over time (25%), reduced damage (50%), rending (25%), stun (50%) and vulnerable (50%).

Refrenantem is our latest new Apex creature - a mighty Dilophosaurus type beastie. At this point no one will have unlocked her so the following is all going to be supposition until we get her unlocked and played. She has a reasonable set of stats, although I would have thought they would be slightly higher for an Apex but I’m not complaining. Like the Diloposaurus she resembles, Refrenantem is a big de-buff based creature. Even so, she has a decent damage through her abilities. It will be interesting to see how everyone will use her.

What are your thoughts on Refrenantem?


I absolutely love everything about it, except it’s Resistances. The Stun and Distraction resistances should both be 100%, while the other three should be bumped up to 75% at the very least.

It’s otherwise a fantastic Cunning, but in this current meta it’s severely undercut by it’s Resistances, especially if you bring it out to revenge kill a Mortem or Thor, but your opponent decides to swap into a powerful Ceramagnus/Monolorhino and the SISS sticks.


Agreed. In my head I get the impression that she’s the weakest of the Apex so far but those resistances aren’t helping.


Kinda funny that the king of distraction can be distracted


it’s like a worse spyx, nothing else

It’s honestly just the Resistances that are holding her back.

On paper she’s a great counter to Mortem and Thor, but between Mortem’s Cleansing Impact + CRIT in a straight 1 v 1, and Thor’s IC, they can easily give her far more trouble than they should, and possibly even take her down themselves.

Though on second thought, maybe giving her an on escape Dodge or upgrading Alert Nullification to both Distract and Dodge as well as Nullify could give her another, much needed advantage.

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best counter against bighitters

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Its really good but needs a little more resistances
Like maybe 50% Speed Decrease, 100% Stun, 50% Distraction, 100% Crit Reduction, 75% Vulnerable and 67% Rend

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50% Speed Reduction is useless, though it should be countered by that. What I’m surprised about is how bad both the resistance and Alert counter distraction are. The resistances are extremely bad, especially for an Apex boss that can deal 7000 in a single turn to a Dino. However, in terms of counter attacks, this has to be the worst of them all. Only 10-15%? Really? That does almost nothing. Venomous counter would be much more beneficial. Anyways back to the resistances. Compare Refren and Gorgo. Gorgo is only lacking in speed. Otherwise he is equal or better in stats. The move sets are rather different. Refren goes almost completely for distraction with some nullification and stun, while Gorgo goes for the 3 main cunning traits and nullification. Now the resistances between the 2… ya Gorgo wipes Refren. Having 50% more DoT resistance, distraction resistance, Rend resistance, stun resistance, and 75% more swap prevent. Refren has 50% more vulnerable resistance, so yay? But again it’s supposed to be countered by that. Overall the ONLY reason I would consider Refren over Gorgo is the Stun and higher speed. So please buff Refren to actually compete with Gorgo besides Speed and Stun.

only in unboosted, but apex will almost alwats be boosted, a similar story to erlidom and why they tend to be faster after being slowed

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100% Crit Reduction on something with 10% crit could very well be one of the most useless immunities in this game. 10% crit is almost as useless (in terms of reliance) as 5% anyway, and I say that as someone who runs Poukan who crits less than Hadros.

Awesome design, bad resistances, really.

Yes, having some speed resistances will make it able to deal with hadros and ceramag partially just like hadros somehow still deals with m rex’s