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Dinosaur of the Day # 252 - Megistocurus


Created using DNA from Doedicurus and Megistotherium.

Rarity: Legendary.
Tier: TBA.
Health: 3750.
Damage: 1400.
Speed: 115.
Defence: 15%
Critical chance: 30%

Fierce Strike.
Group Shield.
Resilient Impact.
Defensive Rending Attack.
Swap in Shattering Strike.
No Escape.

Resistant to reduced damage (50%), speed decrease (75%), stun (50%), taunt (100%) and vulnerable (100%).

Another new hybrid from the 2.8 update, Megistocurus looks at first glance to be rather good. She has decent stats and nice abilities to go with them. At this stage it is difficult to say without seeing her in use but I would say that Megistocurus is going to be a nice addition to the Arena. Will she be a Raid creature? That remains to be seen but it is possible by the look of her.

What are your thoughts on Megistocurus?

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At first, I thought it was just JWA hybrids being ported to JWTG, but now they’ve ported a JWTG hybrid to JWA.

This one’s pretty strong for the swap in. A shattering swap in with 1400 damage has had use for me in the unique tournament. It can also fend off pretty well… Overall a good hybrid 100% (can be destroyed by scorpius g3 though lol)


I’m still not sure why they shaved off so much armor for the Shattering Strike, but overall she seems pretty good.


May not be the best legendary overall but MCurus got some good set of stats there. Not to mention the creature design kinda resembles the pink fairy armadillo, which Doedicurus, it’s hybrid component, is related to…

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I like her appearance quite a lot. She can be real nasty with that swap-in too.

One small problem she seems to have is the cooldown on Defensive Rending Attack. I don’t think DRA needs a two-turn cooldown and a delay just for dealing 40% rend and shielding for one turn. Removing the delay or reducing the cooldown to one turn would fix this issue.


Should have more armor and 100% decel resistance, but otherwise looks good, signature move is really cool but just like shield advantage i don’t think It needs a delay. I like how It looks like an armored pit bull lol