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Dinosaur of the Day #254 - Argentavis


With a wingspan estimated at seven meters across,‭ ‬Argentavis was roughly twice the size of the largest flying bird today‭ (‬Wandering Albatross‭)‬,‭ ‬and only the long extinct pterosaurs could have rivalled and exceeded it for size.‭ The genus Pelagornis is a possible contender to be roughly equal in size or slightly wider wingspan to Argentavis , depending upon accuracy of estimates. ‬How such a large bird like Argentavis could fly has been the key area of study associated with this bird,‭ ‬something that has resulted in some interesting conclusions.‭ ‬The first is that the keel of the breastbone is quite small which suggests the main flight muscles were reduced when compared to other flying birds.‭ ‬This means that even though the wings were huge,‭ Argentavis did not have the stamina to continuously flap them.‭

It’s most likely that as a result of these under developed muscles Argentavis relied upon prevailing wind currents to keep itself aloft with flapping only occurring during the take-off and landing phases.‭ ‬This would see Argentavis using its large wings to exploit a combination of thermal up draughts‭ ‬as well as dynamic soaring.‭ ‬Dynamic soaring is essentially where a flying creature uses the boundary between two air masses to pick up speed by cartwheeling into oncoming wind and using the wind speed to accelerate itself forward.‭ ‬Repeating this process further increases the speed of the bird and resulting effect of the next manoeuvre resulting in an extremely energy efficient form of flight,‭ ‬one that is now even used by human glider pilots to stay airborne longer.

Argentavis also seems to have relied more upon air currents for taking off as the immense size of its wings means that it could not flap them when outstretched without the tips hitting the ground.‭ ‬Instead Argentavis would have had an easier time just stretching out its wings and facing into the oncoming wind.‭ ‬From this position Argentavis could run into the prevailing wind to get air moving across its wing surfaces and then use its legs to jump up into the air.‭ ‬This would be the most critical time for Argentavis as getting airborne is not the same as staying airborne‭ (‬ask any pilot‭)‬.‭ ‬However if Argentavis had positioned itself to run down a slope it could have gotten itself airborne while increasing the distance between itself and the ground just by flying horizontally level.‭ Argentavis could then flap its wings while it adjusted its course to take better advantage of the air currents.‭


Rarity: Rare.
Tier: TBA.
Health: 4050.
Damage: 1050.
Speed: 128
Defence: 0%
Critical chance: 10%

Fearless Flap.
Evasive Impact.

Resistant to crit reduction (100%), rending (50%), speed decrease (50%), stun (50%) and swap prevention (100%).

Our new exclusive creature, after Albertosaurus, is the mighty winged terror… Argentavis. She seems to be very hard to come by for some reason despite this being her release week but hopefully some of you have had the chance to catch and use her. Argentavis seems to have reasonable stats for a Rare creature and she follows the Haast Eagles in having very similar abilities. A big difference is a heft number of middle ground resistances.

Having not played her yet I think that Argentavis will operate in a similar manner to the other eagles. Nothing too special there really. I am fully expecting a hybrid or two in the future though. Argentavis might do well in rare tournaments but I doubt we’ll see her in Raids though.

What are your thoughts on Argentavis?


used her in friendly battles and she’s decent at holding up for a while, especially for a cunning. though as usual, resilient moves will be her downfall. overall an okay creature.


I feel as though we need to offer these birds something else. Like, all of them play the same - dodge, distract. Any resilient tears through them with ease, because they have nothing else to offer at all… Although I suppose that’s a problem with the resilient moves only allowing most cunnings one attack.


I agree. Argentavis and both gens of Haast Eagle are very good at surviving against Fierce (and some Cunning) creatures. Although I do think they are held back by their low damage output. You can swap out to just about any Resilient creature without worrying about Argen/Haast getting a free turn to attack you. They rely so heavily on stalling and wearing down creatures that it’s more ideal to swap into a Resilient creature rather than allowing them to slowly chip away at your Fierce/Cunning creature’s HP.


I like argentavis, specially because is not a full raid bird. It has a 1.5X move and some resistances which I feel like it kinda makes a good excuse for being an exclusive creature


Argen i like a lot, it at least has higher then 1000 dmg (only by 50 but better then nothing) and a 1.5x dmg move


Has the same base damage as Eremotherium and little Bumps