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Dinosaur of the Day #255 - Scorpius Rex


Scorpius rex (Codename E750 ), also spelled Scorpios Rex, is a dinosaur hybrid that was frozen and held in InGen’s secret tunnels until it escaped. There were two individuals: the first one cloned by Henry Wu, with the second one being asexually reproduced by the original.

The Scorpios Rex is a medium-sized theropod, smaller than Indominus rex but larger than the Indoraptor and Velociraptor. Both individuals were adorned with charcoal black scales. Its features are heavily deformed and grotesque, which Simon Masrani determined made it unfit for display. These traits included a brachycephalic muzzle, red eyes with slit pupils set high on its skull, a prominent overbite and jagged, uneven teeth. It has venomous spines on its elbows, tail and neck due to its scorpion fish DNA, which can detach and embed in an opponent’s flesh in a manner similar to that of a porcupine. Simon Masrani called it “too ugly to put on display to the rest of the park.”

Much like the Indoraptor, it has opposable thumbs and grasping talons, which enable it to climb and ambush prey from above. Its semi-prehensile tail also aids it in climbing. Similar to the I. rex It has infrared vision which can detect the heat signature of its prey. The Scorpios rex also has a pair of short spurs growing out of the back of its heels.

The hybrid had the ability to reproduce asexually due to frog DNA. As a result the single S. rex managed to give birth to another of its species. Paired with fact that the Scorpios rex also had accelerated growth, the population of the deadly creature would’ve increased rapidly if left unchecked.

Created using DNA from Monolophosaurus and Purutaurus.

Rarity: Legendary.
Tier: TBA.
Health: 3750.
Damage: 1300.
Speed: 117
Defence: 0%
Critical chance: 15%

Fierce Strike.
Cunning Impact.
Lethal Quill Shot.
Critical Ambush.

Resistant to reduced damage (25%), speed decrease (100%), stun (75%), swap prevention (75%) and vulnerable (25%).

The Scorpius Rex has finally come to JWA and she’s not too bad. She has reasonable health and an above average damage. Her speed is average and I’m surprised that she isn’t just a little faster. Scorpius Rex has an interesting array of abilities including two new ones - lethal quill shot and critical ambush. I like her but I am surprised that her damage output isn’t a little better for a Legendary rarity but I guess it is a fair trade for the dodge and bleed abilities.

Having not tried her yet, I am not sure how well she will play in the Arena at least not without some boosts. I think there is a Raid strategy that uses her already so Scorpius Rex might have a future in Raid battles. She will take some playing to determine that.

What are your thoughts on Scorpius Rex?


Finally Scopicus Rex came to the game! I’m so happy! :grin:

Her stats and abilities aren’t so bad, I tried her out in a tournament, and she wasn’t bad. But for some reason, she was the first hybrid, and she in the game is a super-hybrid?:face_with_monocle:

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