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Dinosaur of the Day #256 - Scorpius Rex Gen 2


The Scorpios rex appears to suffer from neurological and respiratory ailments; its behaviour is calm and placid one minute, before switching to hyper-aggressive and unpredictable the next, and Kenji likened its laboured breathing to that of a pug. In spite of these ailments, it is an extremely deadly hybrid, shown to outrun a Gallimimus, effortlessly dispatch a Ceratosaurus and replicate itself via parthenogenesis. The Scorpios Rex was shown to be mindlessly violent and apparently ruthless like the Indominous Rex, since it mainly killed its victims rather than eat them, even leaving some of its victims’ corpses around the island in a grotesque view, one in particular being a Gallimimus attached to a tree with the Scorpios’ poisonous quill still intact.

It is also easily distracted by noise and fire, the latter of which fascinates it. Its highly aggressive nature also cause it to attack its own offspring, as demonstrated when both individuals decide to fight each other to the death.

Created using DNA from Monolophosaurus Gen 2 and Carnotaurus.

Rarity: Epic.
Tier: TBA.
Health: 3600.
Damage: 1250.
Speed: 118
Defence: 0%
Critical chance: 10%

Cunning Strike.
Strike and Run.
Fierce Impact.
Quill Impact.
Defensive Swap In.

Resistant to speed decrease (75%), stun (50%), swap prevention (100%) and vulnerable (25%).

Scorpius Rex Gen 2 is a little different to her regular sister. Her stats are suitable for her rarity and she is a bit more useful in combat too, at least in my opinion. With boosts I think she’ll be even better. Scorpius Rex Gen 2 seems to be based on swap in, deal damage and swap out. I have not tried her in the Arena but she seems reasonable in Epic tournaments, although not amazing. Whether she will see use in Raids is to be decided but I think she’ll be better in the Arena.

What are your thoughts on Scorpius Rex Gen 2?


Gen 2 here seems to be a pretty alright creature for an epic. Quill Impact definitely helps against stuff like… the vast majority of other epics, really (ie: Allo G2, WRhino, Diplodocus) and S&R works great, especially in conjunction with a Sinoceratops or something similar.

Overally, great for its rarity, I think.

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This one is scorpios Rex move, the gen 2 only has quill impact

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Thanks. Copy paste error again. I’ll fix when I get home later.


Scorpios Gen 2 did really well for me in the recent coin tournament
I’m giving her a go in the arena as well even though she’s lower level compared to my team

I think i prefer this one’s abilities compared to the Legendary one

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I think Scorpius G2 is pretty good. She’s a well-balanced hybrid overall. Not too weak, and not too powerful either. I am looking forward to experimenting with her during Epic Hybrid tournaments to see how she performs in battle.

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