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Dinosaur of the Day #258 - Scutophicyon


Created using DNA from Amphicyon and Scutosaurus.

Rarity: Legendary
Tier: TBA.
Health: 3600.
Damage: 1350.
Speed: 118.
Defence: 10%
Critical chance: 25%

Cleansing Strike.
Revenge Fierce Impact.
Revenge Protection.
Decelerating Rampage.
No Escape.

Resistant to speed decrease (100%), stun (100%), and vulnerable (100%).

Another new hybrid is Scutophicyon. Looking at her stats she doesn’t seem that great for a Legendary but with her abilities Scutophicyon has the potential to put out a fair bit of damage especially on her revenge fierce impact. In reality she looks a lot better than she appears on paper I suspect. Scutophicyon should not be too hard to unlock so I expect to start seeing her in the Arena soon enough. I think that she is better suited to the Arena over Raids, although the right tournament should give her time to shine.

What are your thoughts on Scutophicyon?


The pit bull is an… interesting creature, but overall I don’t think it’ll be used once.


Good hybrid but not the best tbh

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