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Dinosaur of the Day #259 - Haast Maximus


Rarity: Apex.
Tier: Elite - High.
Health: 4350.
Damage: 1550.
Speed: 128
Armour: 0%
Critical: 25%

Predatory Peck.
Fearless Flap.
Piercing Screech.
Ravenous Rampage.
Obstruction to Flight.

Resistant to crit reduction (100%), damage over time (50%), rending (50%) and stun (75%).

Haast Maximus is a new Apex creature introduced to the game in the last update. At first glance she appears to have very good stats and largely an original array of abilities. Haast Maximus is basically a much better version of the Haast’s Eagle. On paper she looks really good but as she is so dodge based, so could suffer at the claws of any resilient opposition, which is a bit of a weakness. I have not unlocked Haast Maximus so I can’t say how well she does or doesn’t do in play.

What are your thoughts on Haast Maximus?


She looks decent, and that RR is scary for any Dino that can’t shield. Plus second highest health pool for cunning’s, tied with Deinocheirus. I like it myself, and the raid is pretty good as well.

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I’m honestly not sure about how I’d use Rodan if I unlock it


If only he has the counter like in his boss version , i Will use it

Since ref’s considered absolute garbage, I’ll compare trebax and maximus

+Damage and health (both barely)
+Better turn 1
+Better overall resistances
+A way of dealing with shields
+Has been out longer
-Worse speed (by far)
-Worse crit and can’t crit reliably
-No way of damaging resilients after deceleration
-Arguably worse priority move
-No on escape move
-Much harder to build

+All before mentioned disadvantages trebax had vice versa
-All before mentioned advantages trebax has vice versa

I think haast is better. It’s basically only worse in terms of turn one if you ask me. It’s easier to boost and build compared to trebax, can deal proper damage to resilients. It might be a cunning unaffected by the the resilient change simply due to its on escape move.

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It seems weak to me, mainly because of the lack of turn 1 damage. If it had instant rampage instead of ravenous rampage it would be much stronger since it could revenge kill Hadros/Cera before they got to use their own instants (while also locking them down). As it is I’m not sure what tyrant level creature you would really want to use it against.

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Easy, none, all are resilient (in some way or form)

You can always go a bulkier build if you want to solve the turn 1 problem. Why bother having great damage when you can have great bulk?


What does Haast Maximus mean?

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If the name doesn’t make sense to you, just call at Aquilamaximus, meaning “Great Eagle”.

I personally like Haast Maxi. I’ve grown a special connection to prehistoric birds since late-2020 (So much so that my username in browser games always has Haast in it).

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Julius von Haast‭ ‬named the Haast’s Eagle after himself. Maximus basically means big or all powerful.

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So… big Haast

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