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Dinosaur of the Day #26 - Diloracheirus



Diloracheirus is a super hybrid made from the DNA of both Diloranosaurus and Deinocheirus. It gives us a larger combination with large claws. It does not gain the neck frill of the Dilophosaurus but instead gains a large spinal sail.

Base DNA: Diloranosaurus and Deinocheirus.
Rarity: Unique.
Metahub Tier: Tyrant.
Health: 3450.
Damage: 1450.
Speed: 129.
Defence: 0%
Critical chance: 5%

Distracting Strike.
Greater Stunning Rampage.
Rampage and Run.
Superiority Strike.

So, thoughts on this hybrid? Is it worth including on a team? Tactics and suggestions? What changes would you make and anything else you can think of?


It is an abomination. No dinosaur ever should have access to such speed coupled with distraction, stun, distraction cleanse and rampage and run.

It desperately needs a heavy nerf. Not Monomimus level of heavy, but at least in the league of what Stegodeus got.

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It does seem that way but it looks like that is how they want the super hybrids to go for the most part.


I play dilorach since 3 days later than its introduction in game and believe me, it was stronger last patch when it could cleanse from everything and it had an impact move on turn 1. So in my opinion in this patch it got a little nerf. Yes, compensated by a damage buff, but effectively an only 1x move choice on turn one, in comparison to a 1.5x is a little nerf. I would accept a damage reduction (1450 lv 26 is very high, maybe 1350-1400 would be fine) but moves, speed tier and hp are fine as it is to me. It’s not unbeatable and it has its counters. However i would rather a buff on its counters than a nerf to it. I don’t like this “nerf this, nerf that” mania. Then Ludia nerf things and people overreact and complain.


It’s not the turn one damage what is the problem, it’s the fact it is basically untouchable by anything that is not immune and / or has a dodge.

  • Raptors? It’s faster than most (which in itself is ridiculous) and it can cleanse and slow them.

  • Tanks? They either get distracted or slowed back, then eat back to back rampages with no way of retaliation.

  • Touramoloch? It either does 50% damage or go for the full damage route, but die for doing so, while Diloracheirus still runs away.

  • Utarinex? Good luck doing anything to it while being distracted and stunned

  • Tyrant class theropods like T. Rex or Thoradolosaurus? Eat a distraction and stun then it runs away.

  • Spinotasuchus? It gets distracted then rampage and run over.

  • Magnapyrritor? Gets twoshot no matter what.

The only dinosaurs that have a CHANCE beating it are Indominus rex, Indoraptor (which Diloracheirus can kite, because it is not immune, so even that matchup is unfavorable), Momomimus (you have less than 50% to do that though) and Erlidominus. Only Erlidominus and Indominus are reliable counters and that is a grand total of 2 dinosaurs.

Trykosaurus has a way of negating what Diloracheirus does, but again, not actually beating it, because Diloracheirus can just flee from this matchup.

Also, no, I rather not get every unique and legendary buffed to the point of limiting every single other dinosaur out of competition.

This new patch already completely pushed out traditional raptors other than Utahsinraptor as well as every single non-hybrid chomper because of Tyrannolophosaurus, Thoradolosaurus, Trykosaurus and Tenontorex, as well as making Tanycolagreus not being a viable niche option, because of the Indoraptor health buff.

I am not saying that commons, rares and epics should be on-par with legendaries and uniques. Far from it. But releasing direct upgrades of previously existing dinosaurs (Thoradolosaurus is a T. Rex on steroids) is called powercreep and is not healthy for the game in the long run. The problem is, with buffing stuff so they can match up with things that are overpowered, you introduce powercreep and burn the innocent bystanders in the process.

It’s a rock-paper-scissor type of game. I rather have Ludia stick to that, instead of making scissor cutting scissors (direct upgrades of previous dinosaurs) or Swiss army knifes that are basically both rock and scissor (Trykosaurus is a tank busting tank, which is ridiculous, as well as Diloracheirus being a runner raptor while countering both raptors and tanks).


Everyones talking about nerfing him now?

I had a dream that I was playing JWA, and I was using pyrritator or utasinoraptor. There was a move with an impact symbol, and the move would do a random number of attack. I did that and my opponent actually regenerated health!
Weird dream…
But basically, before all of the f2p players (me) get up to your rankings, dilo will already be nerfed.
So is dilo really op? Let’s talk attacks


Strongly disagree about dilo needing a nerf. Nerf posts always read like sour grapes to me. I’ve got one, and it’s 2 hit dead if you can slow it or stun it. Not the unbeatable juggernaut that has been suggested up above. It has its weaknesses and counters just like any other card in the game.


I’m sorry but i don’t see it as much of a threat as you. Yes, it’s objectively one of strongest dinos in the game, but it has to be like this. There has to be some different tiers dinos, if not which motivation can bring you to reach end game?
Speaking about buffing his counters i wasn’t referring to introduce only new legendary and uniques but buffing already existing dinos. I like the fact that there are some epic and rare dinos that can be used at high levels. But aside form those, dinosaurs that you see at high levels are 15 more or less, so limiting other dinos out of competition is already a thing (that’s why i would like a new battle system feature that could let you use also your weaker dinos but it’s another story).
If it were only a rock-paper-scissor type of game (and i agree with the fact that is kinda) and starting from the assumption that your 4 drawed dinos are casual, at the end it would be only a matter of “drawing the right counter”, and therefore a pure question of luck (said in simple terms). Allowing some dinos to do not only what they’re supposed to i think that adds some strategy and more depth to the game.
Regarding dilorach’s counter, i think that there are some dinos that if well played can beat dilorach: tanks, indom, erlidom, Tryko, Tenonto, CERATOPSIAN, a well played counter-attacker, draco gen2, ornithomimus, ankylocodon and last but not least, a higher level dilo :joy:. Yes, most of them are probably unfavorable matchups, but this depends on the moment of the match in which each of the dinosaurs enters the battlefield. I think that with some strategy (and obviously some dinos that can permit it), every dino is manageable.
If you don’t play it, i suggest you to try to work on it and play it a little. This would allow you to “know your enemy” much better and deal with it with also better results.


So does posts saying “don’t nerf it, I have one and it’s fine” read as being entitled opinions about how people don’t want their free win card taken away.

It’s a double-edged sword, if you derail a balance thread into accusing, so does can be done against the opposing party.


Wow, ok! That free win card thing makes no sense because, as I just told you, mine will die in 2 hits. It’s not an unstoppable killing machine, it’s squishy af. I have often pondered pulling it from my team.
But I guess that makes me entitled, lol. I’m out!


diloracherius is a strong unique. the way uniques should be. its an end game dino. should commons, rares, epics and legendaries compare to it? no. that being said some do. its not an uncounterable dino but if you play him wrong you will pay. hes a strategic dino, i think thats why i like it so much.


Just want to say thank you all. This is the sort of discussion I am hoping to get from these posts. It’s nice to see it. :slight_smile:


:heart: The green chicken :rooster:

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Enough of asking for Dilorach nerfs. I strongly disagree. It is not as overpowered as you call it. Seen it’s health? It doesn’t have much health. It can struggle against tanks and shields. It is one of the frailer tyrant dinos. Also, like others mentioned, it’s a unique dino, it is supposed to be extremely strong. IMO Tryko is a lot stronger than Dilorach and is way harder to counter (I personally have trouble dealing with other Dilorach higher levels than mine but much more issues dealing with Tryko). Tryko is an absolute monster right now and only a small handful of dinos can counter it, and even then they end up losing a lot of their health. Also, I still personally feel Tryko shouldn’t be nerfed - it is one of the hardest uniques to create and rightfully so, it is the strongest (arguably).

Diloracheirus is not broken and does not need a nerf. And enough of this nerf talk please. Say no to nerf. Say yes to buff.

Buff Magna. Buff Tuora. Buff other weaker uniques so there are more viable options, so players actually have a hard time deciding what to create and invest in, so the meta has more diverse options. Nerfing is not the solution and only renders long term investments useless.

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