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Dinosaur of the Day #261 - Hydra Boa


Rarity: Apex.
Tier: Tyrant.
Health: 4200
Damage: 1150
Speed: 122
Armour: 10%
Critical: 30%

Instant Nullifying Strike.
Slippery Alert.
Precise Impact.
Fabled Fangs.
Alert Deception.
Constricting Rampage.

Resistant to reduced damage (50%), speed decrease (50%), stun (75%) and swap prevention (75%).

With the new Hydra Boa boss raid going live yesterday (and boy is she a tough snake to bring down), it’s time to have a look at the Apex creature herself although at this point I am aware no one will have her unlocked.

Hydra Boa has a nice set of stats. Nothing to be disappointed about there. She also comes with a unique array of abilities which makes her stand out. Damage output isn’t too bad although a few boosts at this stage wouldn’t hurt. Without seeing her in action though, it’s hard to say exactly how good she will be yet.

What are your thoughts on Hydra Boa at this time?


i think shes a bit too op considering she has two instant attack abillities

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So it begins.
Theodan gif

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I like it to see it just on the map. For bow it’s cool but it will take a very very very long long long time to take hik down for a first time. I cant still defeat no apex… and even no legandary raids. Lol

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Hydra Boa is VERY strong, but I think she needs a resistance buff. Hydra Boa is the ONLY apex without a 100% resistance to something, so I think 100% stun or swap will work out. Also, Hydra Boa should be a wild card, not cunning. The design looks awesome to me!