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Dinosaur of the Day #265 - Megalonyx


This giant ground sloth may not be as famous as Megatherium,‭ ‬but it does have a presidential connection in that the name Megalonyx was proposed by Thomas Jefferson,‭ ‬although this was actually before he was president in‭ ‬1797.‭ ‬However despite Jefferson naming the first remains,‭ ‬the name Megalonyx was not formerly recognised until‭ ‬1825‭ ‬when it was officially described by Richard Harlan so that it could be a valid taxonomic listing.

At three meters Megalonyx was towards the smaller end of the scale for giant sloths.‭ ‬Although typically a herbivore,‭ ‬analysis of several ground sloth remains indicates that giant ground sloths may have supplemented their diets with meat.‭ ‬Megalonyx may have also done this,‭ ‬possibly scavenging carrion to obtain additional nutrition that was lacking in its usual herbivorous diet.‭ ‬Here Megalonyx may have been able to use its size to bully dedicated predators into giving up their kills while Megalonyx took what it needed.

It’s thought that giant ground sloths that had evolved in South America spread out to North America because falling sea levels combined with increased volcanic activity allowed a land bridge‭ (‬which today we call Panama‭) ‬to link the two continents together.‭ ‬This transfer of fauna worked both ways,‭ ‬and is seen as the reason why some North American animals such as Smilodon were also active in South America.


Rarity: Rare.
Tier: TBA.
Health: 3450.
Damage: 1200.
Speed: 103.
Armour: 0%
Critical: 10%

Cunning Strike.
Cautious Rampage.
Maximal Counter-Attack.
Camouflage On Escape.

Resistant to speed decrease (100%).

The 2.9 update brings us a seconf giant ground sloth, the Megalonyx. She has a good set of stats and comparing them to Eremotherium you can see straight away how much better Megalonyx is. As for her abilities she’s far better than her Common sister and you aren’t forced to camouflage as your default action (a weakness I find in Eremotherium). As a Rare, Megalonyx has a better range of abilities making her a better upgrade. I quite like her but I don’t see her surviving long into the Arena. Instead, I think she’ll do well initially and then be pushed to the side - perhaps with a hybrid in future update?

What are your thoughts on Megalonyx?


To me it has a lot of dodge, distraction and speed increase abilities making it almost OP something tells me that a lot of players are going to have this creature on a very high level and destroy the arena