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Dinosaur of the Day #271 - Phorurex


Created using DNA from Dracorex Gen 2 and Phorusaura.

Rarity: Unique.
Tier: TBA.
Health: 4050.
Damage: 1600.
Speed: 128.
Defence: 0%
Critical chance: 15%

Daring Strike.
Critical Sidestep.
Cautious Cunning Rampage.
Lethal Rampage and Run.
Alert Rending Lockdown.
Stunning Obstruction.

Resistant to speed decrease (50%), stun (75%) and swap prevention (50%).

Phorurex is another hybrid from the 2.10 update. I have yet to unlock this particular creature but here goes. Stat-wise she is quite good with good health, damage and speed. With her abilities, Phorurex has the potential (boosts withstanding) to put out a lot of damage. Already, I’m hearing comments that she is overpowered and in need of a nerf or two. Until the Arena adapts she is going to be a tough cookie to beat and she could be a real terror in tournaments that allow Unique creatures.

What are your thoughts on Phorurex?


Yes, I want to know thoughts on her too!

Honestly, despite all his skills, he has a hard time staying on the finish line, there is something he is missing, I don’t know very well what he is missing, but it is not a hard nut to crack, I mean, Argenteryx is Epic and it is very good , but no is OP

The only negative comment I can say is that it has many gifted abilities, such as its “escape” or “bleed” power, but hey, they told me a long time ago that hybrids can acquire skills from nowhere (although that is curiously very elective)


Looks cool ngl

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Currently I’m using them just as I would Phorusaura: a revenge killer. It’s higher damage stat is nasty especially if you can leave your opponent vulnerable, get KO’d, bring out Phorurex and instant rampage. I havent tried starting battles with them, they might be slightly more viable as a starter because said rampage can distract.

I havent really used their swap in rat rend move mostly because I suck at math and don’t want to accidentally leave my opponent alive :joy:

I can see the Lethal rampage and run being nerfed because of how ridiculous it is, but it is a nice swiss army knife of a move.

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Looks cool and has a cool sounding name, if im still playing after i get magna then i might start going for it but until then it’ll stay locked, i’d say its my second favorite creature from the 2.10 update, right behind Argenteryx.

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A hit to its stats is all the nerf it really needs. Lethal Rampage is locked behind a two turn delay, and even if it’s brought in to instant revenge kill its lack of good Resistances (sans the Stun which is fine) will make getting to actually use Lethal Rampage easier said than done.