Dinosaur of the Day #274 - Ovilophomoloch

I have not been able to find the artwork yet

Rarity: Legendary.
Tier: TBA.
Health: 3150.
Damage: 1250.
Speed: 129.
Defence: 0%
Critical chance: 10%

Created using DNA from Stygimoloch Gen 2 and Ovilophosaurus.

Devious Strike.
Alert Distracting Impact.
Group Cunning Impact.
Sly Rampage and Run.
Critical on Escape.

Resistant to crit reduction (100%) and reduced damage (50%).

Ovilophomoloch is our second new hybrid from the recent update. Like parent Ovilophosaurus, she is a very gangly looking creature, but we’re here to look at the stats. Ovilophomoloch has quite reasonable stats with nothing to complain about. She’s fast and with her abilities, that lower damage isn’t so much of a problem. Ovilophomoloch is another dodge and debuff type creature. She’s the sort that could be a bit of an annoyance if you don’t have the right counter to her.

Although she is easy enough to create, I have yet to face Ovilophomoloch in the Arena so far. I’d certainly be interested to see if anyone else has or whether she isn’t seen as viable yet.

What are your thoughts on Ovilophomoloch?


And… she doesn’t have a cooldown on group cunning impact.

The shield on Sly Rampage And Run makes it very “Sly.” The shield can block the counter attacks and on escape damage! (If it doesn’t remove shield)

But the best part of it is the design!

I love it’s design the best! It’s so colorful! :star_struck:


I think she can use a slight buff. Attack to 1350 and hp to 3600?