Dinosaur of the Day #275 - Parasauthops


Rarity: Unique.
Tier: TBA.
Health: 4650.
Damage: 1550.
Speed: 109.
Defence: 0%
Critical chance: 15%

Created using DNA from Acrocanthops and Parasauolophus Lux.

Tough Group Cunning Strike.
Alert Instant Heal.
Greater Group Heal.
Resilient Rampage Revenge.
Fierce Swap in Strike.
Counter Power Heal.

Resistant to damage over time (75%), reduced damage (50%), stun (33%), and taunt (100%).

The third of our new hybrids from the 2.11 update is Parasauthops. Considering that you’ll need DNA from Parasauolophus Lux I think it will be a good while before we start to see many of these in the Arena or in tournaments. Perhaps it’s time to start considering that Para Lux could be included in sanctuaries?

Looking at her stats, Parasauthops has good health and reasonable damage, but is very slow. Considering her damage output though, the low speed is a fair balance. Parasauthops has the ability to put some serious damage but she’s also going to be a healing herself (and others) an equal amount. Will this make Parasauthops an option in some raids? Some super healers don’t seem to get a look in on the raid strats and I wonder whether because Parasauthops has the damage to go with it, that raids will be her thing.

What are your thoughts on Parasauthops?


I think it should lose 1 healing ability in favor of fierce impact or revenge fierce impact… As it’s the hardest to make creature in the game it deserves to be more better…


Exactly what i was thinking


I have to disagree with losing a heal for an Impact. This not only kills her raid viabilty (by a MASSIVE margin) but it also ruins her PvP experience. I have one, and used it in the Tournaments. The only reason I survived most creatures is because the dual heals exist. Now the problem I have with Para in raids is its not Tuora. No one can really replace Tuora. The acceleration is just too good to be worth even considering most options. Now its possible to raid without Tuora, but Tuora just makes raiding much easier. However, I have used Parathops in a raid (Mortem Raid specifically) and my goodness the heals even at level 23 and barely boosted could put my 28 max attack Tuora to shame. So it definitely could be a good investment, and it might actually do really well if you want to try out Ceramagnus in a raid with it, or even a Tuora if you want boat loads of healing.