Dinosaur of the Day #278 - Cervalces


Rarity: Rare.
Tier: TBA.
Health: 3150
Damage: 1250
Speed: 128.
Armour: 5%
Critical: 10%

Resilient Strike.
Dig In.
Shielded Decelerating Impact.
Swap in Heal.

Resistant to speed decrease (100%), swap prevention (33%), taunt (100%) and vulnerable (50%).

Often referred to as‭ ‘‬Stag moose‭’‬,‭ ‬Cervalces was a moose-like deer.‭ ‬This means that it is considered to be a deer that adapted body features that made it resemble a moose.‭ ‬With this in mind Cervalces is thought to have fulfilled a similar ecological niche to the modern day moose‭ (‬Alces alces‭) ‬and inhabited woodlands and forests as well as wading into water to search for suitable vegetation.‭ ‬Of the two species,‭ ‬C.‭ ‬scotti is more often associated with North American fossils,‭ ‬while C.‭ ‬latifrons has a more Eurasian distribution.‭

Principal predators of Cervalces may have included grey wolves‭ (‬Canis lupus‭) ‬and dire wolves‭ (‬Canis dirus‭)‬,‭ ‬as well as possibly brown bears‭ (‬Ursus arctos‭)‬.‭ ‬Grey wolves and brown bears are known to hunt and kill moose today,‭ ‬although brown bears tend to go after smaller juveniles rather than fully grown adults,‭ ‬or alternatively steal the kills of wolves.‭ ‬The dire wolf,‭ ‬being much more heavily built than the grey would have had an even easier time bringing down large prey like Cervalces.‭ ‬Another predator may have been the American lion‭ (‬Panthera leo atrox‭) ‬as its close relative the Eurasian cave lion‭ (‬Panthera leo spelaea‭) ‬is known to have had a preference for deer like animals,‭ ‬and it is possible that the American lion may have shared this taste in prey.‭ ‬Additionally towards the end of the Pleistocene period,‭ ‬the first human hunters would have also likely targeted Cervalces for food.

Cervalces vanished at the end of the Pleistocene along with most of the other North American megafauna.‭ ‬Several theories from human hunting to habitat change to disease have been proposed as explanation,‭ ‬but what is certain is that whatever happened,‭ ‬it affected all of these animals rather than just a few species.‭ ‬It’s just as possible however that this mass extinction was caused by the combined effects of several factors.‭ ‬There is a popular theory that C.‭ ‬scotti became extinct because of competition from the moose that crossed over Beringia‭ (‬the Bering land bridge‭) ‬into North America from Asia.‭ ‬However the fact that this species disappeared at the same time as the other North American megafauna strongly counts against this,‭ ‬although competition with the moose would have increased pressure upon C.‭ ‬scotti,‭ ‬making‭ ‬it‭ ‬more susceptible to the survival conditions of the time.

Cervalces is the first of two new cenozoic creatures introduced in the 2.12 update. The other being Arctodus who will get posted once it becomes available. As Cervalces has only just become available to us, it will take some time to assess how good she is. Looking at her stats, she doesn’t seem too bad for a Rare creature with reasonable health and damage, and a high speed. Cervalces seems comparable to her fellow Rare deer, Megaloceros. The two have very similar abilities for the most part with not much difference in damage either. Ultimately I think Cervalces will end up more a DNA farm for Artacles once Arctodus becomes available.

What are your thoughts on Cervalces?


I like him but I wished they would have added the other species too as gen 2 since they’re different in shape of the antlers


Ye the one in the game is Scott’s stag-moose, or Cervalces Scotti


Credit: Roman Uchytel, deviantart


Isn’t Cervacles a Rare?

Also, here’s the image if needed


She certainly is so not sure what happened there. Fixed it.

Thanks for the image.


Looks a lil wierd but the more deers the merrier


You should wait till you see Sinomegaceros

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