Dinosaur of the Day #281 - Arctalces


Created using DNA from Arctodus and Cervalces.

Rarity: Legendary.
Tier: TBA.
Health: 3750
Damage: 1150
Speed: 113.
Armour: 15%
Critical: 5%

Shielded Heavy Strike.
Alert Decelerating Impact.
Group Defensive Edge.
Dig In.
Swap in Heal.
Accelerate on Escape.

Resistant to rending (50%), speed decrease (100%), swap prevention (33%) and vulnerable (50%).

Arctalces is the last hybrid from the 2.12 update and she is another deer combination. Her stats seem fairly average for a Legendary rarity and she doesn’t have a high damage output even with her abilities. Arctalces seems to be a defensive creature that wears you down slowly. She is another healer though with both dig in and a swap in heal. Healing seems to be a part of the current meta. At least it doesn’t seem to be as bad as other healers at the moment.

Having not had chance to try Arctalces yet, it’s tough to say how she will play. Potentially I could see a small argument for her use ins some lower rarity raids but there is definitely better options there.

What are your thoughts on Arctalces?


I’m a little disappointed that it’s made with two exclusives, and it has to be brought to level 25 just to fuse for Vaslias, but I like it in concept, it looks like a sloth bear with antlers, although I prefer Vaslias.
Here’s the image for it if needed.


I can understand that. I imagine the two Legendaries is because she’s going to help make an Apex and with so many grumbling that Apex creatures are too easy to get, she had to be made a slog to complete.

Thank you for the picture. :+1:


It might be hard getting him considering you need like probably 20000 dna of both to unlock him and level him up to 25 but at least he’s dartable this weekend