Dinosaur of the Day #282 - Arctovasilas


Created using DNA from Arctalces and Testicornibus.

Rarity: Apex.
Tier: Tyrant - Low.
Health: 4500
Damage: 1350
Speed: 117.
Armour: 25%
Critical: 5%

Cenozoic Smack.
Alert Arctic Blast.
Alert Persistent Group Shields.
Shielded Devastation.
Swap in Deceleration.
Healing Accelerate on Escape.
Counter Power Heal.

Resistant to reduced damage (50%), speed decrease (75%), stun (67%), swap prevention (33%) and vulnerable (100%).

Arctovasilas is our last creature from the 2.12 update and she is a brand new Apex creature and the first to be a hybrid. At first I wasn’t so sure about this but ultimately it means it is available to everyone. It’ll just a good while for most to complete her.

Now, looking at her stats, Arctovasilas doesn’t seem all that impressive. But that changes when you look at her abilities and the damage output available to her. Stats aside, Arctovasilas is a monster. I think once more players have unlocked her, she’ll have a definite place in the high end of the Arena and she might even see some Raid uses.

What are your thoughts on Arctovasilas?

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I first thought he would be op like testa but his stats seem to be fine. His armor and counter heal could be problematic but as long as you have a strong thank in your team he shouldn’t be that hard to counter


He seems quite a bit OP with his stats and kit, but he actually seems a little balanced. I’ve seen a video on it from IDGT and from testing it out it seems to be struggling against some of the stronger Uniques, though that is simply because it’s 3 levels lower than the rest of the team’s in Nublar Shores. In design concept though, I love it. The chunky armored bear with the snow of Trebax on it’s back, along with the small spines on it’s head protruding into it’s antlers looks so cool, and I’ve inspired multiple drawings off of it.


After everyone had time to get the feel of it, this thing is definitely stronger than testa. Guess we can’t judge a book by its cover


Rip testa users XD