Dinosaur of the Day #286 - Ankylos Lux


Created using DNA from Ankylomoloch and Diorajasaur.

Rarity: Apex.
Tier: TBA.
Health: 4200
Damage: 1100
Speed: 110.
Armour: 35%
Critical: 5%

Superior Vulnerability.
Hostile Glow.
Alert Instant Shielded Impact.
Resilient Shielded Rampage and RUn.
Shielded Alert Stun.
Group Invincibility on Escape.
Raking Counter Attack.

Resistant to reduced damage (100%), speed decrease (50%), swap prevention (100%), taunt (100%) and vulnerable (100%).

A new hybrid Apex has been added to the game with the 2.13 update. Looking at her stats, Ankylos Lux has good health and armour, but damage is really lacking. Some of her abilities compensate for this but it still feels like it should be slightly higher. Maybe because Ankylos Lux is easier to create than say, Arctovasilas, that might explain it. I find it a little odd that an Apex rarity has such low damage though.

Looking at her abilities, Ankylos Lux has exaggerated versions of the Ankylosaur line. Turned up to 11 if you will. Highly defensive with a hint of battle control. It’s tough to say what her role is. Other than Ankylomoloch, most Ankylosaurs are fairly pointless in battles or raids, and I’m not sure Ankylos Lux is going to be much different at the Apex end of things. She’ll be one of those creatures that probably needs a trial run to see exactly what role she is suited for.

What are your thoughts on Ankylos Lux?


Overall its a solid apex although it did lose stun resistance from ankylomoloch but if it had stun resistance than everything would want it nerfed. I would also say that the kit it has is pretty good as well. its got a swap in stun + shield on the swap. the on escape is also pretty decent,


Given that almost all of its abilities inflict vulnerability I’m pretty ok with it’s low damage.

Though I would gladly trade it’s 100% Swap Prevention for 100% Stun Resistance tbh.

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basically immortal once on low health. the only thing stopping it from being very oppressive is its low statline.

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