Dinosaur of the Day #288 - Ankylodactylus


Created using DNA from Preondactylus and Ankylodicurus.

Rarity: Legendary.
Tier: TBA.
Health: 3150
Damage: 1200
Speed: 126.
Armour: 15%
Critical: 5%

Shielded Evasive Strike.
Evasive Cunning Impact.
Superiority Rampage.
Swap in Shields.
Low Tide.

Resistant to reduced damage (100%), rending (33%), speed decrease (75%), stun (100%) and vulnerable (50%).

Our first new hybrid from the new update, Ankylodactylus looks to be quite good. At this time I am srtill working on unlocking her so this review will be based upon the statblock for now. Ankylodactylus has good health, speed and damage. Having a 15% armour value is a nice addition for a flocking hybrid. As for her abilities, Ankylodactylus is fairly similar to most other hybrids in that she seems based around evasive and distraction abilities. She has good damage output and I am sure will see a fair bit of use one unlocked. One thing I feel is nice to see, or not see, is the lack of healing. Nice tgo see that Ankylodactylus stands on it’s own two feet (wings?).

What are your thoughts on Ankylodactylus?


My favourite creature from 2.14, next to Anurognathus. It’s basically Alanky’s younger cousin.
(Also here’s a better quality pic if you need it)


Hmm looks pretty nice. I think it’s gonna mess up tournaments due to the random dodges, shields, and it also has Superiority Rampage. It has like, everything that a Cunning Resilient should have.


Just got it to 19 this morning (in area 1). I like it so far. That priority evasive impact is nice. Would definitely be stronger with a heal or higher health. Overall a nice addition, not too strong but strong enough to win. Good resistances.

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Thanks for the picture. I had a hard time finding one.

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I find the problem with healing on flocks is that it makes battles drag out far too long, especially if a player has multiple flocks on their team. I think I would be happier with a swap in heal but a in built heal mechanic seems unnecessary when it already has Absorb to slow it’s defeat.

Fair enough. I agree with you somewhat. It definitely feels like there’s more group attacks these days to deal with them, though, instead of having to rely on counter attacks/bleed. I guess it’s like any creatures in this game, they all have weaknesses and strengths depending on what they’re up against.

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