Dinosaur of the Day #289 - Anurognathus



Anurognathus seems to have had a disproportionately large skull for such a small creature, but nevertheless, shows adaptations suited to an insectivorous diet. The teeth are small and sharp, and the head is wider than it is long. The eyes are also large and slightly face forwards allowing for some depth perception through what is termed as binocular vision.

Study of the eyes and the scleral rings that were inside them lead towards a crepuscular lifestyle, meaning that Anurognathus would have been most active in the twilight of the dawn and dusk. While this tiny pterosaur, Anurognathus may have also have been hunted itself by larger pterosaurs. By sticking to being active in the twilight, it may have had easy access to prey while avoiding being out at the same time as either diurnal or nocturnal pterosaurs.

Rarity: Epic.
Tier: TBA.
Health: 2550
Damage: 1150
Speed: 131.
Armour: 0%
Critical: 10%

Cunning Strike.
Limited Evasive Strike.
Alert Frenzy.
Alert The Flock.
Minimal Critical Counter.

Resistant to rending (33%), swap prevention (100%) and taunt (100%).

Anurognathus is another new flocking creature from this update. For an Epic creature, Anurognathus has reasonable stats in line with what I would expect. She seems fairly similar to most flocks with a mix of evasive and debuff abilities. I’m not sure if Anurognathus is better than other flocks or more just the same. I think that will take actually playing the flock to determine. Unfortunately, at first glance (and I could be wrong) that she will primarily be a DNA farm for her hybrid, Ardontognathus.

What are your thoughts on Anurognathus?

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It is the cutest creature in the game and no one can convince me otherwise


This thing is adorable, like a little puppy!!!


wholeheartedly agree and I can’t wait to try and eventually max it for my team, however I think its new rig for darting has become one of the few I now despise for how small it is, preondactylus darting has been a hassle for me lol