Dinosaur of the Day #290 - Ardontognthus


Created using DNA from Anurognathus and Ardontosaurus.

Rarity: Unique.
Tier: TBA.
Health: 3300
Damage: 1300
Speed: 123.
Armour: 0%
Critical: 25%

Fierce Strike.
Decelerating Sideflap.
Definite Alert Frenzy.
Defence Shattering Rampage.
Alert the Flock.
Accelerated Invincibility on Escape.
Minimal Critical Counter.

Resistant to crit reduction (100%), reduced damage (75%), rending (33%), stun (75%), swap prevention (67%) and vulnerable (50%)

The 2.14 update has brought us a great new hybrid flocker in Ardontognthus. When you look at her stats Ardontognthus seems fairly average but with a mighty critical percentage. However, it’s her abilities that will make her shine. She’s a typical evade and debuff flocker but this time we have a flocker capable of biting through armour and shields which makes her stand out to me. This one can put out a decent amount of damage with it and remain just as frustrating to deal with as most other flocks. I certainly think we’ll see this one in the Arena and tournaments once enough players have unlocked her.

What are your thoughts on Ardontognthus?

I’ll never get why Ardontosaurus of all creatures was chosen for a flock hybrid.

I agree. It’s a bit of an odd choice but I guess it’s to do with the abilities that were wanted for it.

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That Definite Alert Frenzy is something that’s, busted, some may say. It’s basically a Devastation. And with 75 % distraction resistance, Ardonathus is a force to be reckoned with. But since it doesn’t have Deceleration resistance, it can be countered.

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