Dinosaur of the Day #293 - Ailurarctos


Rarity: Epic.
Tier: Elite - Mid.
Health: 3900
Damage: 1350
Speed: 106.
Armour: 10%
Critical: 5%

Ferocious Shielded Heal.
Alert Decelerating Impact.
Fierce Rampage.
Swap In Heal.
Counter Power Heal.

Ailurarctos (“cat bear”) is an extinct genus of panda from the Late Miocene of China, some 8 million years ago. Different teeth structures in the Ailuropoda lineage indicate a mosaic evolution during the past 2 million years.

Firstly, kudos to Ludia for finding another prehistoric beastie that I have not heard of and can find very little about. Secondly, a surprise new creature to the game is always a pleasant addition.

Looking at Ailurarctos’ stats she appears nice and respectable for an Epic and compared to her abilities. She has good health and a fair damage. I’ve unlocked her now but before I did, I had faced her a couple times in the Arena. Ailurarctos may not look much at a first glance but she has it where it counts. Ailurarctos can put out a hefty amount of damage and is almost in a constant state of healing. It’s frustrating to deal with if you don’t have the right counters but she’s a nice challenge. I quite like her and fully expect a panda hybrid at some point in the near future.

What are your thoughts on Ailurarctos?


A solid nonhybrid epic

Also Ailurarctos is confirmed to be omnivorous