Dinosaur of the Day #297 - Tarbognathus

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Created using DNA from Tarbosaurus and Compsognathus Gen 2.

Rarity: Legendary.
Tier: TBA.
Health: 3000.
Damage: 1550.
Speed: 123
Defence: 0%
Critical chance: 30%

Alert Surge.
Hop and Mock.
Alert Shattering Impact.
Fierce Impact.
Evasive Heal.
Impact on Escape.

Resistant to rending (33%), speed decrease (50%), stun (75%), taunt (100%) and vulnerable (50%).

Tarbognathus is another new flock based hybrid from the most recent update. Her parent creatures are easy enough to come by that everyone should have Tarbognathus created in quick order. Whether that means that she’ll get a lot use I don’t know. Her stat line seems a little weak to me based on her rarity but she is another where the damage output from her abilities seems to balance that out. I think Tarbognathus looks good and she will see use but I can’t say whether she’s more tournament based or more suited to the Arena.

What are your thoughts on Tarbognathus?

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I guess it’s more suited for tournaments

I have yet to unlock her but I have to agree based on her abilities. I think there are better options for the Arena.


Also kinda weird how the Alpha is not the one in the front


Tarbognathus and even Ardontognathus are shield and armor piercing flocks. I did go up against a Skoonasaurus and got it down to around 75% before it took this flock out so it is better against high hp, high armor creatures. The Tarbo and Ardonto flocks have their place on a flock team.

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TaCo is broken the release notes are messed up so they fixed it but didnt change the releae nots plus swp in evasive doesnt work now only worls when youa re 2/3rds alive or full if you are 1/3 you get nothing except locked in its a mess