Dinosaur of the Day #298 - Thylaconyx


Created using DNA from Baryonyx Gen 2 and Marsupial Lion.

Rarity: Legendary.
Tier: TBA.
Health: 4800.
Damage: 1250.
Speed: 122
Defence: 0%
Critical chance: 25%

Defence Shattering Strike.
Crushing Prowl.
Devouring Wound.
Swap in Savagery.
Defense Shattering Counter-Attack.

Resistant to damage over time (25%), rending (75%), speed decrease (100%), stun (100%) and vulnerable (100%).

Thylaconyx is the last of the new creatures introduced in the 2.15 update. A strange cross between a Baryonyx and … a mole rat? Can’t say I’m sold on the design but as a creature in it’s own right, Thylaconyx looks quite nice for the game. She comes with a reasonable stat line but this time I really do think that damage is slightly too low. Ability wise I feel that she comes across quite average. Outside of Skirmish she doesn’t have high damage but she does get through shields and armour. Thylaconyx looks nice on paper but I can’t see her being used all that much right now. Maybe though, she’s another creature destined for tournaments or even raids.

What are your thoughts on Thylaconyx?


It needs to be toned down ASAP… It’s OP for a legendary, not mention how easy to make it is. Otherwise it will be busted in the Tourneys…


I love it!


It’s fine honestly but I think the counter needs a buff plus it was either the swap in or the counter when it happens it just freezes for a bit


It looks a bit like Deinocheirus on the icon lol

10 chars

I haven’t used this one in PvP yet but I have a few times in legendary raids where it works pretty well. Mine is level 20 at the moment.

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