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Dinosaur of the Day #30 - Dimodactylus


Base DNA: Dimorphodon and Tupandactylus.
Rarity: Epic.
Metahub Tier: Alpha.
Health: 3000.
Damage: 820.
Speed: 126.
Defence: 0%
Critical chance: 5%

Impact and Run.
Lethal Wound.
Pinning Strike.
Short Defence.
Swap-In Wound.

So, thoughts on this pterosaur? Is it worth including on a team? Tactics and suggestions? What changes would you make and anything else you can think of?

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Still not a fan of pterosaurs but this hybrid does have some nice abilities at least although I think it’s damage is a little low. It seems you are using this more for the swap-in wound to bleed the opposing dinosaur and then swapping out again.

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You can never swap out again as it’s health is too low. And it’s swap locked for two turns so it’s just not going to happen. I’ve gathered the DNA for this guy but can’t bring myself to drop the required coins past L15. To use it effectively (imho) you have to bring it in naturally (as opposed to using the swap in move) use lethal and then impact and run in the hopes of then using the swap in wound later on.


I know that but it just seems it is how it is meant to be used. I created it but I would never use it. Pterosaurs in general just do not hold up to everything else in the game.

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No I’m saying that’s not how it’s meant to be used. I think you don’t swap it in unless you have already used impact and run with it and it is practically dead already. It’s so tempting to try use it on my team but it’s just not quite good enough is it.


I think Dimodactylus is very underrated. It has amazing bleed and pinning strike to prevent the wounded dinosaur to swap so it’s forced to take the bleed. It has a nice speed of 126 which is good for its lower health and Impact and Run. It can use Short Defense to take less damage while it puts out lethal wound. This creature should be an Apex tier creature with ease.


Not sure I deserves that honor. I am curious if any one has found a use for it though? It’s been a little while.?

So far its only use is to kill an already severly wounded Dino. I think of it as the matador Dino.

There are a bunch of other people wounding and slowly killing the bull then in comes the highlight matador and kill the walking dead bull.

Kinda how this Dino is. Use it to soon and it does. If it survives and is on field when next Dino comes in it does.

Brilliant looking skill set. I really want to like it but even in the bad lands it’s out classed.

So has any one found a good use for it?


Leveled high enough (mine is 25) it can take out tryko, stegod, and trago with ease. Swap in bleed, take the hit, then stack the wound on the bleed already in place… then get taken out, but the opponent will either get knocked out too, or have next to nothing left. I’m happy to trade my dimo for a L30 stegod or any level tryko.

Solid place on my team for now.

EDIT: Dimo is even good against Thor, as long as Thor doesn’t crit its impact (tall order, I know). Swap in bleed and then Thor either needs to use its instant stun move or take the next wound. Once the stun has been used, it’s a sitting duck for the next dino - if Thor doesn’t use the stun, it’s death by DoT.


Can i get more detail? She also works well on my team so I’m thinking about level her more…

What’s feature she can do more with higher level? even more health she seems not be able to survive a second hit from those level above 25. so I’m still not sure to level her just to get more health or not when I’m just using her for swap in wound purpose only.

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Everyone wants to like this guy but it just doesn’t survive. It seems to be a Kamikaze Dino. I always thought I’d like to try NOT swapping it in so you go first (due to good speed) lethal strike then swap out and then hope to swap back in later. I can never really pull it off during friendlies though so it’s a no go for me either. If they moved to a 12 Dino team I’d probably give it a crack though.


My favourite tactic is to start with Suchotator, use Lethal Wound then swap to Dimo and use either Pinning Strike (for the arena) or Lethal Wound (for strike towers). Either way Dimo goes down.


ya, it’s an HP issue. With more health this guy would definitely be a favorite fast. I’ve leveled it 20, but after the swap in bleed you only get one move before instant death most of the time.


The swap in wound is really why I use her. Ever since swap in wound became a thing, I wanted a dino with that ability but didn’t feel like levelling my Suchomimus.


Why not go with Dimorphodon then?


Partly aesthetics, I prefer the crested pterosaurs and also Dimodactylus has Impact and Run so on the occasions that I don’t swap her in, I have the option of a swift exit.


Although the impact part of impact and run does no damage as it is ultra weak.


I know, it is a pterosaur after all.

It’s all about the exit. “He who runs away, lives to see another day.” :joy:


Changes to Dimodactylus from the 1.7 update…

  • Attack increases to 860.
  • Exchanged the short defense and basic attack (swap prevention) mechanics:
    • Basic Attack becomes Shielding Strike
    • Short Defense becomes Instant Pinning Strike.
  • This gives Dimodactylus a priority Swap Prevention , which is useful when attempting to counter “…and Run” abilities.

Some interesting changes there. Do you think they will make much of a difference though?


I personally do. It has one of the highest bleed % in the game (149%) and now has a way of making sure you WILL bleed dry.

It also has a much better survival chance with the continuous Shielding.