Dinosaur of the Day #303 - Therizinosaurus


What makes Therizinosaurus and others from its group stand out from other dinosaurs are the huge claws that are on the end of its fingers.‭ ‬In Therizinosaurus these claws reached up to one meter long,‭ ‬and there purpose has three main theories.‭ ‬The first is for display,‭ ‬with the larger claws being indicative of reproductive maturity.‭ ‬The second theory which leads on from the first is for inter species combat between two males,‭ ‬in a similar manner that ceratopsian dinosaurs are thought to have used their horns in dominance combat.‭ ‬This could also mean Therizinosaurus using its claws against predatory dinosaurs in self-defence.

The third theory is that the claws were aids in reaching up into the tree canopy to pull down choice pieces of vegetation,‭ ‬in the same kind of way that a modern day sloth will also use its long claws to reach its food.‭ ‬This might also imply that Therizinosaurus,‭ ‬among others of its group,‭ ‬preferred some plants over others and was more selective in its feeding.‭ ‬It should also be considered that while one answer may be more correct,‭ ‬the claws may have also been used for different purposes depending upon the situation.

Unfortunately,‭ ‬apart from the claws,‭ ‬only scant partial remains of the rest of the skeleton are known.‭ ‬This meant that for a long time the exact morphology was largely unknown,‭ ‬with very early depictions making Therizinosaurus a predator that used its claws to take down prey.‭ ‬The discovery of more similar dinosaurs towards the end of the twentieth century allowed for the gaps to be filled in,‭ ‬with modern reconstructions of Therizinosaurus being considered more accurate.

Members of‭ ‬this group are thought to be descended from carnivorous ancestors,‭ ‬but the exact diet of Therizinosaurus is still not absolutely certain because the skull is unknown.‭ ‬Without this it is impossible to look at the dentition and bite characteristics which are required to learn about an animal‭’‬s diet.‭ ‬Other dinosaurs of the Therizinosauridae,‭ ‬were certainly herbivorous,‭ ‬but because carnivores were their immediate known ancestors,‭ ‬it is often speculated that meat may have still formed part of their diet making them omnivorous.

Therizinosaurus is usually depicted with the standard featherless body of old dinosaur depictions,‭ ‬but sometimes it is also given feathers.‭ ‬It must be remembered that there is no direct evidence to support the existence of feathers on Therizinosaurus.‭ ‬Evidence for feathers mainly comes from the remains of Beipiaosaurus,‭ ‬but at a little over two meters in length,‭ ‬it is one of the smallest members of the group.‭ ‬In contrast Therizinosaurus is one of the largest,‭ ‬and creatures of its size usually have very little if any form of insulation on the grounds of gigantothermy.


Rarity: Rare.
Tier: TBA.
Health: 3300.
Damage: 1300.
Speed: 130.
Defence: 0%
Crit: 5%

Minimal Speedup Strike.
Cunning Ferocious Strike.
Delayed Precise Rampage.

Resistant to damage over time (50%), reduced damage (50%), and stun (75%).

Therizinosaurus is the last new prehistoric creature added in the 2.16 update. For her rarity, she has good if average stats. Nothing to grumble to about. She’s fast and can deal some nice damage. Looking at her abilities, I compare Therizinosaurus to her sister species, Erlikosaurus Gen 2. They are similar in stats and not too different in how they play with their abilities. Therizinosaurus ditches distracting for a cunning strike which boosts damage. They are close enough that they could be interchangeable.

Therizinosaurus will see use I think, lower in the Arena and in the right tournaments. I don’t think she’s really Raid material though. She’s good for what she is and for newer players potentially a useful option.

What are your thoughts on Therizinosaurus?


I wish Theri got 1500 dmg and 4050 HP


I discovered the hard way that it’s Rampage becomes priority when it’s threatened :joy: this thing could be potentially nasty in tourneys.




Well spotted. Ill fix it.

Looks pretty good, i just wish the cunning ferocious distracted for 2 turns instead of pitful one


This is the one Therizinosaur I would have loved to be a Resilient. However the moveset is decent. Would prefer Cunning Ferocious Strike to have an extra turn of distraction to help against Albertosaurus. Also they made it a rare, which kinda hurts me as it’s gonna take a while to level her. Ok stats, wish it had 3900 HP though.


Salad fingers.

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Freddy Krueger but Bird

Kinda ironic how theri is the name of the Therizinosauroid family yet he doesn’t have the claw slash animation

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Salad fingers?

I had not noticed that. That is a bit odd.

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It has the pounce animation at least

Therizinosaurus is one of my favourite dinos of all time. I think she has a nice moveset, even if delayed rampages always feel a little harsh on creatures with only basic strikes.

The model, however, is very lackluster. It feels as though the artists are being made to rush these models out. There’s a lot of detail missing from it, especially when compared to older models.


I like It, Hope It doesnt get a busted powercreeping hybrid


It’s JamDia, it’s going to be overpowered. That’s all the new hybrids these days sadly.

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  • dies of sad *

:pensive: :pensive:

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We’ll see. He either gets a new original hybrid (in that case it might be op) or they’ll import its jwtg hybrid cerazinosaurus

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Well, cerazino will only happen whenever we get ceratosaurus (wonder why haven’t we already), so i’ll go with original hybrid.

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