Dinosaur of the Day #305 - Giganyx


Created using DNA from Giganatosaurus and Tryostronyx.

Rarity: Unique.
Tier: TBA.
Health: 4800.
Damage: 1550.
Speed: 125.
Defence: 0%
Crit: 25%

Fierce Devouring Cleanse.
Obstructing Fierce Impact.
Fierce Rampage.
Ferocious Restore.
Crushing Alert Showdown.

Resistant to damage over time (50%), rending (50%), speed decrease (100%), stun (75%), swap prevention (50%), and vulnerable (50%).

Giganyx is our first 2.16 hybrid. Due to her needing Giganotosaurus DNA I think it may be a while before we see her appearing with any frequency in the Arena. She has reasonable health and I would so low damage for a Unique but her abilities put out a lot of hurt so fair enough. She’s faster than I would expect but that’s good. No complaints on the stats. The damage output that Giganyx has through her abilities is quite frightening. I dread to see one of these boosted. She also has the potential to heal but doesn’t seem too bad or disruptive.

I can see Giganyx being a popular hybrid for the Arena and potentially in the high end Raids as well. For what is basically a hybrid chomper, I think Giganyx is very good and I look forward to facing her in the Arena.

What are your thoughts on Giganyx?


This creature is my most hated one in the game

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How come? Too powerful or something else?


Design is ugly


That’s interesting. I’ve only faced one so far and I really liked the design.


So here’s a list of my top 10 hated creatures in the game

1# Giganyx
2# Andrewtops
3# Arctovasilas
4# Imperatosuchus
5# Lystrosuchus
6# Grypolyth
7# Purrolyth
8# Andrewtherium
9# Coelhaast
10# Arctalces

Wow we are really opposite my favorite not non hybrid is Albertospinos and my 2nd is giganyx

Looks really cool but it isn’t a zombie anymore unlike Tryos


I doubt it’s gonna be a staple in raids. The issue is that 3 turn cooldown on Ferocious Restore. Most raids benefit from 2 turn or 1 turn cooldown moves. It’s not gonna be impossible to raid with, but it definitely hurts the viability.


I think the design could have been better if they had mixed in the scutes of gigatonosaurus.

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I like Giganyx’s design, and I’m pretty sure it’s going to be on my team. I am pretty saddened that Tryo’s raid viability is lost when it’s fused with Giga, though. I do think it’s coloration on both of it’s skins are pretty lackluster, still do like it’s design, of course.

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Wished he would have had some rsid abilities since both of his components have one

Giganyx is overated and seriously need a biff, three main problem with its stats

  1. Tryostronix has at least 50% reduced dmg restriction while giganyx none
  2. Tryostronix swap prevebttionis 75% while Giganyx is only 50% which means once locked you can forget about using its swap in max heal for possible reuse
  3. Swap in 100% mutual heal is really stupid as it dusallow giganyx to engage on weakened dino and worst if opponent dino has initiated an attack before you swap in

@Ned can you inform Ludia to rectify this supposedly 2.16 update flagship dino as many players are spending and grinding it


A waste of Tryo potential.

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After facing a highly boosted one (I think it was practicekat’s or IDGT902’s), I’ll say this much:

On paper, much of its’ kit is highly questionable. In reality, it’s easily mid-Tyrant, bordering on High even.


Happy Cake Day


On papier it looks incredible but you have to stun the opponent to use his potential.
And some people didn’t though about all the stun resistance.
On 40 uniques,only quetzorion,albertospino,tryko,dio and stigy don’t get stun resistance.
On the 10 apex,only ankylo lux don’t have stun resistance.
What i explain is it would be really strong even 2 years ago but now his swap in is really Bad.
Basically,you swap in ,heal your opponent and if he have stun resistance,you take a free hit.
Maybe increase stun chance to 200% to reduce all the resistance of those creature not immune to stun


As it turns out, not really, actually. The ability also increases Giganyx’s speed and Crit chance, so unless the opponent is anticipating Giga swapping in and so is about to hit them with a Resilient or Cunning/Distracting Rampage (or Impact), or they’ve got a priority ability that will be available within the next two turns, and because it won’t Rally Heal the opponent if the opponent is a Flock creature, Giga swapping in could turn the tide in its favor.


It’s by no means foolproof, but a Giga with a lot of attack and a decent amount of health (enough to survive the next turn) could very easily take down the opponent with Obstructing Fierce Impact on the very next turn and win the fight, or set itself up to win the fight using Fierce Rampage the following turn instead.

I have Seen some fight,the truth IS it IS a niche dino used for very few occasion even when boots Come in consideration

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Thank you. :slight_smile: :cake: