Dinosaur of the Day #306 - Lystrosuchus


Created using DNA from Einiasuchus and Lystrosarus.

Rarity: Legendary.
Tier: TBA.
Health: 3900.
Damage: 1150.
Speed: 123.
Defence: 10%
Crit: 10%

Cunning Strike.
Evasive Restore.
Resilient Rampage.
Stunning Impact and Run.
Swap In Stunning Strike.

Resistant to rending (33%), speed decrease (50%), stun (50%) and swap prevention (50%).

Lystrosuchus is the last of the new 2.16 creatures. Nice to see something made using one of the older hybrids. For a flock we’re looking at a very average set of stats but that isn’t a bad thing. She has the potential to put out some hefty damage, even more so if boosted. Lystrosuchus seems to be a typical flock in that she is a dodge and debuff type creature. In this case, Lystrosuchus also carries some nice stun effects which makes her a little more interesting. I’m not a big flock fan myself but Lystrosuchus at least seems like something a little different and interesting. Not sure where he usefulness lies though with so many other flocks competing for use.

What are your thoughts on Lystrosuchus?

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It’s meh imo, but that’s possibly some bias as I do not like flocks in the slightest (besides Ardontog for DSF). Also you forgot to add the Crit Chance to it.

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Thanks for that. Fixed now.

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U misspelled it’s ingredients


Thanks. Well spotted. Fixed.

Im glad its got a bad t1, no pin inmunity, and low damage.

Bcs then itd be a unstoppable swap in-stunner machine, personally the legendary flock i hate the most, Stunning Impact and Run is also annoying on it, looks like coelhaast, but has swap in damage :skull:

Not worth of my einiasuchus DNA, i’ll take rixis instead thanks

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