Dinosaur of the Day #307 - Pteranokyrie


Rarity: Apex.
Tier: TBA.
Health: 4500.
Speed: 128.
Defence: 20%
Crit: 10%

Definite Strike.
Dispersed Raking Impact.
Merciless Alert.
Alert Squall.
Swap In Ferocity.
Total Immunity On Escape.
Robbing Wing.

Resistant to damage over time (100%), reduced damage (75%), speed decrease (100%), stun (75%) and swap prevention (100%).

Pteranokyrie is a new Apex creature from the 2.17 update and our first Apex pterosaur. Normally pterosaurs aren’t great so it will be interesting to see whether Pteranokyrie will get much use on teams. Her stats aren’t bad for what she is and although damage looks a little low, when you see what her abilities do with it, Pteranokyrie has the potential to put some hurt on the opposition.

Looking at her abilities, Pteranokyrie has default attacks that remove or bypass defensive abilities and then secondary abilities to increase her critical range. In general she does feel like a better pterosaur but it will require us to see her in action to determine if she is worth fielding. Pterosaurs don’t see a lot of love in the Arena so will Pteranokyrie buck that trend?

On a side note, I’m really pleased that as a Raid boss, Pteranokyrie is a simple and easy one to face. You don’t need some complex strategy to defeat her. It’s much better that way in my opinion.

What are your thoughts on Pteranokyrie?


Its busted, ludia said its a high risk-high reward creature, but for how strong It is theres literally no Risk with It, not even while using alert squall and getting a parasauthops or a albertocevia swapped on, because you are either tanking that Up with shields or Dodge that incoming damage.

I hate it, but at least the raid is really easy.

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Interesting that you say that. I can’t see her being busted but on paper she doesn’t look that amazing. Seeing her in play will be the tell. I wouldn’t say that there is a risk to her any more than I would a typical pterosaur but it will depend how she actually plays.


He looks like a rhinoceros bird


Agreed. The only annoying part is allert squall but it’s other movies aren’t problematic

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Well, its the hight stats and resistances combined with a good damage output, and the capability of throwing away any bad matchup with alert squall, constant shields with the counter.

Its hella good overall, almost doesnt have flaws.


M a s s i v e H o r n b i l l


The problem I have with this thing is that ludia labeled it as a high risk high reward creature

Problem being is that due to the on escape theirs virtually no risk to using alert squall, if they would have removed the on escape and buffed the stats a little it would have been fine, but it just doesn’t have any risk involved when it uses the swap out


I have no idea why, but Pteranokyrie’s head reminds me of Toucan Sam with a red pompadour. :laughing:

Jokes aside, I like it! The raid is fun to play, and the map animations for the boss are cool.

And I am intrigued that it has a move that swaps your opponent’s creature instead of your creature. :thinking:

(a bit worried about how Total Immunity On Escape will work though. :cold_sweat:)


They don’t see much love in general.
If only they had speed immunity.


True but I do see some from time to time although they have never been especially popular.

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Basically a hybrid between Rhinoceros Hornbill and Pteraquetzal

I love the design