Dinosaur of the Day #308 - Compsoraptor


Created using DNA from Beta and Tarbognathus.

Rarity: Unique.
Tier: TBA.
Health: 3450.
Speed: 131.
Defence: 0%
Crit: 30%

Alert Surge.
Alert Shattering Impact.
Rampage and Run.
Playful Pounce.
Reinforcing Cower.
Impact On Escape.

Resistant to reduced damage (100%), rending (33%), speed decrease (100%), taunt (100%) and vulnerable (50%).

Compsoraptor is our first new hybrid from the 2.17 update. She is another flocking creature but with Beta being a new creature in the game, I expect it to be a little while before we see Compsoraptor in the Arena in any numbers. Looking at her stats, she seems fairly average and what I would expect to fair. As for her abilities, Compsoraptor has the same priority attack as Tarbognathus which is a bit of a pain (nothing should have a turn after turn priority attack like that IMO) but everything else seems rather good. Compsoraptor can put out some serious damage. I think once players have created her and levelled her up a little, you’ll find that she will probably replace Tarbognathus to some degree.

What are your thoughts on Compsoraptor?

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It is broken i think


Also it isn’t made from ghost it’s made from beta

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Thanks. I was looking at the picture and got them the wrong way round.

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wrong topic, and this thing is weak