Dinosaur of the Day #311 - Ghost


Ghost is an Atrociraptor created by Biosyn. Like her packmates, Ghost is extremely violent and reckless but also quick on her feet, meaning she is perfect for tracking down and killing targets. Ghost is sickly white color, hence her name. She also has light stripes running down her back with her eye color being blood red. Like other Atrociraptor, Ghost has a boxy and stout head build with a less slender build compared to Velociraptors and blunt edged sickle claws.

Rarity: Epic.
Tier: TBA.
Health: 3000.
Damage: 1350.
Speed: 130.
Defence: 0%
Crit: 10%

Cautious Strike.
Fierce Impact.
Berserk Decimation.

Resistant to speed decrease (100%) and Vulnerable (100%).

Ghost is the first Atrociraptor we have in the game and the leader of her own pack. I find it odd that we get her before we get the actual Atrociraptor in the game but not complaining. Hopefully we will get the rest of her pack in time too.

Ghost has a nice set of stats with reasonable health, good damage and speed. She is comparable to other raptors. Looking at her abilities and you can see where she stands out. Ghost has Indoraptor G2’s cautious strike which is nice. With her fierce impact as well, she has a slight debuff while putting out a high damage onto the opposition. I really like her the new Berserk Decimation though. It’s a much better version of a rending takedown.

Overall I rather like the look of Ghost and I think she will do rather well in the Arena and in tournaments. Since raptors in general never seem to find a space on raid strats I doubt we’ll see Ghost there any time soon.

What are your thoughts on Ghost?


I think ghost is a good creature. Thought she would be kinda underwhelming with the lacks of cunning movies but she is still usable

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Basically a budget Indoraptor Gen 2. She’s great tbh. Really good against flocks and can deal a LOT of damage. She’s got decel immunity, which makes her scary. Only issue is her hp, which is basically every raptor


Maybe a bit more health and 25% resistance to dmg reduction