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Dinosaur of the Day #32 - Diorajasaur


Created from: Rajakylosaurus and Toujiangosaurus.
Rarity: Unique.
Metahub Tier: Apex.
Health: 3900.
Damage: 900.
Speed: 108.
Defence: 30%
Critical chance: 5%

Distracting Impact.
Instant Invulnerability.
Pinning Strike.
Short Defence.
Defence Shattering Counter.
Swap In Ferocity.

So, thoughts on this dinosaur? Is it worth including on a team? Tactics and suggestions? What changes would you make and anything else you can think of?

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Thoughts in Diorajasaur changes?

I didn’t realize its critical chance was only 5%. That’s a bummer. I just started making it.

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I think it’s considered weaker among the uniques and should only be used as a swap in the utilize the SIA. The counter attack is awesome but I think it struggles with HP. It’s great with a good team to back it up. I’ve been able to take some down fairly easily but I’ve also been destroyed by them. All depends on what counter dinos you do or don’t have I think.

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its a great dino when used correctly. if you pull it out at the wrong time its a sitting duck. the counter hit is powerfull and when combined with its other moves it can really chop down an opponent dino. also great to have when they pull out dg2. pin um and torture the little #^. but with anky being so limited i would go tryko first. i have a lvl 24 dioraj and no tryko :neutral_face:


Sometimes out of nowhere, I say in a rhythmic toon: Di-or-rajasaur

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You thought it’s another dinosaur you are facing, right…



destroying opponent with counterattacks

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Diorajasaur Is probably my third favorite dinosaur in game. It’s design just screams “GODZILLLA!”. I’m working on getting Rajakylosaurus but Rajasaurus is pretty much non-existent for me :stuck_out_tongue:

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I don’t think I have ever faced one to know what it is like.

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I love them! I use diorajasaur very much, and now it’s good! More attack and health! Plus I like the new counter! Instant distraction! Woo! And ferocious strike! Amazing! I did like pinning strike tho… but superiority strike is good i guess!
Im a high fan of the new mechanics and the Dio buff!
Your thoughts?


I had a lot of Anky DNA so I leveled it up to 22. (Stopped once I had a reasonable amount of Anky for Tryko) Other than that I’m cautiously optimistic about increasing my number of fieldable Dinos. I’m going the wait and see route. It’s been the safest bet for every single patch. I’m not rushing to anything till it’s all been tested. They could change anything with a quick facebook post (Tentontorex anyone?)


its going to be a great dino. mine is 24 and am thinking about throwing some anky at it. although id prefer long protection rather then instant shield. the precise shattering counter will be a huge plus especially with the 100 dmg buff. with 1000 base damage its counter is more greater then trykos!! huge hp buff!! its going to be great. maybe ill run both tryko and dio


The Godzilla of JWA became a copy of Trykosaurus


I don’t particularly like the instant distraction, I liked the Distracting impact better.

However, I think it got a percentage health damage on the counter, didn’t he? I love that, so it has the potential to be a great dinosaur.

Superiority strike is :ok_hand:


Precise shattering on its counter is going to be nice… hell have the same mind games matchup with indo that tryko has with the added bonus of hitting through evasive on his counter attacks.


It’s on par with Tryko now. :upside_down_face:


Its better then tryko in some situations… especially against evasive creatures… which is what it needed


I’m definitely not regretting getting mine to 26… without swap-in ferocity, the attack might be a bit low… waiting to see the exact effects.


It has Ferocious strike now.

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I’m going to update these slowly so as to not flood the forums. :slight_smile:

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Yeah imo ferocious strike is better then swap in ferocity since you dont have to take a hit to trigger it… but can still swap in for counter attack value.