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Dinosaur of the Day #37 - Dracoceratops

Dracoceratops is a hybrid born from the combination of Dracorex Gen 2 and Triceratops Gen 2. It stands as an ungainly looking Dracorex with the head of a Ceratopsian, which makes me think (much like Allosinosaurus) that it’s far too top heavy.

Created from: Dracorex gen 2 and Triceratops Gen 2.
Rarity: Legendary.
Tier: Survivour.
Health: 4500.
Speed: 119.
Defence: 0%
Crit: 5%

Minimal Speedup Strike.
Acute Stun.
Swap-in Shattering Strike.

So, thoughts on this hybrid? Is it worth including on a team? Tactics and suggestions? What changes would you make and anything else you can think of?

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Personally I don’t like it. She was the first of the 1.5 hybrids that I completed on it’s release day and I gave her a try for a few days before dumping her to the side for the much better Paramoloch. I don’t know, but Dracoceratops just doesn’t pull it’s weight for me. I expected it to be better.

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Having faced a bunch of level 18-23 of the thing, it’s not by all means awful. It just lacks something.

The swap in stun is kinda useless if you ask me, as it deals no damage, so if it fails, it’s a bunch of nothing.

If the SiA was swap in stunning strike, this little thing could be a menace. That is all it needs in my opinion, some punch on the sia.


Exactly. There is no umph to Dracoceratops and that is it’s problem.

Leveled it to 20 hoping it gets buffed. (did the same thing with suchotator before it got reworked)

A trike hybrid with no armor.


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Swap in Stun might be useful if it was a fast Dino but at 119 it often swaps in, Stuns, play resumes and it takes a hit first. Not to mention that counts as a turn so the dino you swap into gets all it’s delayed moves counted down 1 for free.

Maybe if it swapped in stunned and slowed or something. But for a “Legendary” it doesn’t feel to legendary.


Too low damage output, it should have got the rampage from trike gen 2, but I really like the model and artwork

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Its Cleansing Impact and Impact and Run make it a decent counter to bleeders. It can use Cleansing Impact to cleanse the bleed or you could use Impact and Run to get rid of the bleed

I use her. She was my first legendary.

It takes a fair amount of finesse to use. I find her fast enough to out speed alot of Dino’s. Her best use is swap in when your on a random streak. If you notice her not stunning upon swap in the she is useful brought in regular like.

She has enough HP to use speed or cleans and make it to her delayed skills swap and stun.

Is she a blazingly powerful Dino… No.

Is she fun to play… For me yes.

Is she effective… Against a fair amount of Dino’s if you know how to play her.


I have it at 21. Swap in Stun has never worked for me, that I can remember anyway. I take a hit, cleans, it usually can survive a second then hit & run to get out of there.

I have used the speed up strike in a few but it can’t be against a hard hitter. It does buy some damage though, then hit & run.

I agree it needs to do damage when swapped in, it would be much more useful. Faster would be very helpful.

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Hey wood if the swap stun doesn’t work try engaging in friendly battles and try again.

The random % moves run in streaks with a finite number before it hits the enforcer andakrs it not work.


If she is acting up on swap in use her regular. The red stun works more often. Also if swap in stun fails use cleans remove swap lock and hit swap out.

She might not be a big killer but she is very good at pulling down hit points. And after her HP is low you can swap her in to take a death and load a better suited Dino for the situation with out it waiting for saw in delay


The new 1.6 update has made Dracoceratops a lot better. I’m not a fan of a 100% stun nor swap-in shattering rampage but I can’t deny that it is now a much more useful hybrid to consider for your team.

I love my dracoceratops spirit!:heart::heart::heart::heart:

Limited edition drawing in 3, 2, 1
Ta da!


To some the Dracoceratops has had a nerf under 1.8 and it has indeed seen a small shift in abilities. However, I’m finding that now, less than 24 hours after the update launched, that I’m facing it a lot more frequently and it is still a huge nuisance (that is me being polite).

What are your thoughts on the Rat now?

nerf restricted to armored dinos. :japanese_goblin: