Dinosaur of the Day #37 - Dracoceratops

In line with the posters request of keeping it civil I wont give my opinion lol.

@deepwrinkle love the team btw, very nice.


I’ve said it would become even stronger now with the 2.0 boosts. People thought nobody would do it, but as far as I can see, I’m getting hit with 2.7K damage Dracos in Aviary.
They had the perfect moveset for Draco with the swap in headbutt and the dig in. What did they do with it? Put it on a huge amount of ceratopsians just so they would complement Draco.


Seen a lot of DC and Monostego together.

The worst was DC, Monostego, and overleveled (22) Sinoceratops all in 1 team.

Yeah Lydias idea of fixing the rat infestation was creating mini rats.

I wasnt surprised, it’s the kind of Ludiacy they would do.


Gonna confess something; I used to use the rat.

I would get the battle to 2-2 and then swap it in. I did that multiple times and won tons of battles with it. I used it all the up until September, then I saw what I’ve become. I threw the rat off my team and swore to never put it back on unless I was doing a strike tower. It’s currently level 20 sitting on the bench waiting for its inevitable unique.


Where exactly did Swap in Shattering Strike come from? It has swap in rampage still

I can’t remember what it originally had but swap in shattering strike was replaced with swap in rampage.

@Colin_Goodman it originally had Swap In Shattering Rampage

if that helps any


Still think this unbalances the game, even more so with the new boost system. Glass cannons have those distracting moves to help them last in the battlefield. DC shouldn’t be able to outspeed them AND avoid the distraction. Even chompers are vulnerable. Heck, a boosted one can even take out a lot of tanks.


The only ways you can really stop it is with Smilocephalosaurus or Phorusaura, but even then, the stun isnt guaranteed

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I agree @Delta. This is one animal in the game that was too good before boosts and still too good after the new boost changes. What can we do though? If it gets brought down to a more reasonable level those players who have spent time, money and effort on it will be up in arms and howling for blood. I can’t think of any compromise that will keep both sides happy.

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Or it can go back to its original move set

But it’s original form was bland and pointless especially for it’s rarity. That would be too much of a nerf.

Change GSS to Acute Stun and I&R to R&R. Change Swap-In Stun to Swap-In Stunning Strike and give him immunity to stuns bam.

True but I mean a few tweaks to that kit would make it good for instance it changes speed up for superiority or decel ,armor piercing impact instead of cleansing impact, stunning rampage instead of strike, and just impact and run. Then swap in acute stun there it’s good. Have it have 3.5k health and 1.4k attack, 115 speed

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Idk acute stun just seems to strong of a move to not have as a priority but the rat looks good

I feel like this would be the perfect kit for what rarity is and what components it’s made from

Corrected for today’s 1.11 update. Damage increased to 1500 but Swap-in Rampage replaced with Swap-in Savagery.