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Dinosaur of the Day #45 - Erlidominus

Phorasaura is just a better erlidom. Swap utility and 2 rampages just make it a better option

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I am going after this hybrid but it sucks when we had a erlik event there was snow and I couldn’t go out :frowning:

I understand your pain. Had the same issue with hunting a few weeks ago when we had lots of snow. It’s worth going for her.

Erlidominus is one of the best creatures on my team (and mine only has 3 boosts!)

Why do you think they turned around its picture

What do you mean?

Look at erlidoms picture now and look at it from the top of the page

My erlidom is lv 30 max boosted on my team. It was worth it for a while but its unreliable for the dodge. Personally I want a boost reset or shuffle so I can replace erlidom woth monorhino

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Good question. No idea and I can’t say I had noticed.

erlidom in my opinion is quite underrated. it is amazing in aviary for dealing with the rampant thors.

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I have started seeing Erlidominus a lot more in Lockwood Estate. I don’t think she is quite as good as she used to be but that might be because of the meta shift over the last couple years.

Yes but overall I like it better than spyx even tho spyx can go thru cloak and dodge and has lots of distraction moves erlidom has more resistant against other moves like rend and other things. Also it can survive more than spyx with cloak plus distraction. Also that 50% speed decrease is good in certain situations.

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spyx is definitely better, mostly because of the HP


Created using DNA from Erlikosaurus and Indominus Rex.

Rarity: Unique.
Tier: Elite - Mid
Health: 3300.
Damage: 1500.
Speed: 129.
Defence: 0%
Critical chance: 40%

Minimal Speed-Up Strike.
Distracting Impact.
Revenge Cloak.

Resistant to crit reduction (100%), damage over time (100%), reduced damage (100%), rending (50%), speed decrease (50%), stun (100%), swap prevention (100%) and vulnerable (50%).

Since the last time I updated her entry, Erlidominus has had a bit of a nice health increase. Everything else remains the same. A great option even with the over abundance of resilient creatures in the game. Erlidominus remains a hybrid which sees a decent amount of usage in the Arena (at least up as far as the Aviary, where I’ve been). Erlidominus is good against opponents except those protected by armour.

What are your thoughts on Erlidominus after the recent update?