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Dinosaur of the Day #48 - Euoplocephalus



Euoplocephalus is a dinosaur which lived approximately 70 million years ago during the late Cretaceous Period. It was first discovered by paleontologist Lawrence Morris Lambe near Red Deer River in Alberta, Canada in 1897. It was named Stereocephalus in 1902, but that name was already taken by an insect species, so it was renamed Euoplocephalus in 1910. It’s name means “well armored head.”

Euoplocephalus was around 20 feet long and weighed about 2 tons. It had a wide head, a toothless beak, a pair of horns and tons of cheek teeth. It also had ridged spikes that traveled the length of its body and had fused bony plates that wrapped around its neck. This dinosaur even had armor on its eyelids. All of this armor gave this dinosaur an extraordinary amount of protection from predators. In fact, the only feasible way for a predator to pierce this dinosaur’s skin was to flip it over and attack its soft, unarmored belly. However, that wouldn’t have been that easy either because Euoplocephalus had a spiked tail that it could swing like a club.

It’s probably a good thing that Euoplocephalus was covered in tons of armor too. That’s because it existed at the same time as some of the largest carnivores did. Some of the predators it would have had to protect itself from would have included Tyrannosaurus, Deinonychus and Aublysodon.

An interesting fact about this dinosaur is that it was an herbivore and probably went through a whole lot of plant material in one day, thanks in part to its large number of cheek teeth. This dinosaur would have lived off of conifers, seed ferns and gingkos and paleontologists estimate that it would have eaten about 150-200 pounds of food a day. Paleontologists have also speculated that this dinosaur probably used fermentation to digest its food. If that is indeed true, then this dinosaur would have produced an incredible amount of gas on a daily basis. You probably wouldn’t want to have stood behind it and that’s for sure!

Rarity: Common.
Tier: Survivour.
Health: 4500.
Damage: 900.
Speed: 112.
Defence: 40%
Critical chance: 5%

DNA can be used for: Amargacephalus.

Vulnerability Strike.

So, thoughts on this Dinosaur? Is it worth including on a team? Tactics and suggestions? What changes would you make and anything else you can think of?


Euoplocephalus is a basic tank with decent armour but little damage. Even so, I have always found that it performed better for me than it’s big sister Ankylosaurus ever did. Out of the two I would rather have Euoplocephalus. It’s still a tank and fairly boring to play.


No one has any thoughts on this one? Not even to disagree with me?


That is some very interesting information on Euoplocephalus, @Colin_Goodman. Sadly, I don’t recall myself using it on my team, but Euoplocephalus is still essential as it’s needed in creating Amargocephalus! If I had to choose, I would pick Euoplocephalus as well because of the extra damage potential and armor.

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I had Euo on my team for quite some time, until I benched her after I felt like the performance rate was dropping as I progressed through the arenas. Plus, hybrids! She was good during the time I had her, but I much preferred Stegosaurus for that stage of the game.

It was surprising how many people would use Rampage immediately against a raptor about to Pounce though, which often allowed the raptor a second Pounce later.

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Looks decent

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She was my first tank and in the lower arenas that 40% armour was a great benefit. Of course she also introduced me to “tank combat” - the long slow trudge that was chipping away at your opponents health with all the subtlety of a sledgehammer. After I encountered an Ankylosaurus in one battle, I quickly became an avid proponent of fast dinos.

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The 1.7 update reduced Euoplocephalus health down from 4500 to 4140. That seems quite a hefty drop to me.

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