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Dinosaur of the Day #61 - Irritator Gen 2


Irritator is a dinosaur which lived around 105-110 million years ago during the early Cretaceous Period. It was first discovered in 1996 in Brazil and later named by Martill, Cruikshank, Frey, Small and Clark in the same year. It was given the name Irritator because the paleontologists had found out that the snout had been artificially made longer by illegal fossil hunters. The fossil hunters elongated the skull in hopes of getting more money for it, but it just made it harder for paleontologists to reconstruct the original features of this dinosaur. Therefore, they gave it its name—a name which comes from the word irritated.

This dinosaur was around 21 feet long and weighed around 3 tons. At least, that is what is believed to have been its dimensions. Paleontologists aren’t quite sure because they only have a skull to work with and they can’t ascertain where the rest of the skeleton may be because the skull has come from illegal fossil hunters.

Because there are so few facts about Irritator available, much of its behavior and diet is merely speculation from scientists. For example, many paleontologists assume that this dinosaur behaved much like a Spinosaur. That it probably lived off of a diet of fish and carrion—maybe even plants—and may have even had a sail on its back.

Rarity: Common.
Metahub Tier: Hatchling.
Health: 3750.
Damage: 1000.
Speed: 122.
Defence: 0%
Critical chance: 20%

DNA can be used for: Diplotatator and Suchotator.

Defence Shattering Strike.
Swap-In Shattering Strike.
Ready to Crush.

So, thoughts on this dinosaur? Is it worth including on a team? Tactics and suggestions? What changes would you make and anything else you can think of?

Dinosaur of the Day #123 - Suchotator

Personally, I think this one is here just for the hybrids. It’s not anything I would expect to see time on a team.


This Dino is truly the only Dino that I hate. Lol so many bad memories of having to face a level a level 20 with my little level 10s in the bad lands and below.

With that said I love his hybrid diplotator to death.


Oh my! Who wasted that much coin and DNA on a L20???


Quite a few honestly lol.


I do.

As I max out on DNA I pump them up a level or two until they hit 20. That is the max level they could get a hybrid at. When they get a hybrid, I should have one at level 20 with 200k or 50k of DNA ready to go. Or at least have one near max DNA, at whatever level they are currently at.

Except for Nunda. Our Leader was in the 20+ club and he has a level 22. I pumped mine up and it is currently at level 23 and 200,000+ DNA. I still will dart them for the Alliance missions but don’t plan to take it to 24.

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I never really used him for anything but breeding when I was at a level to use him I got Iratator from a arena leveling up incubator and liked what he offered better… But have come to see many commons at high levels are actually quite good

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After the swap-in attacks became available, I noticed more and more of them appearing in Badlands when I dropped down. Perhaps it’s useful early on, but both Diplotator and Suchotator are more useful in later arenas.

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I’m bouncing between Sorna Marshes and Jurassic Ruins. I don’t think I’ve seen one in the Arena for a long time. The hybrids however, are a different case and I see them quite a bit.

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Yeah the much more highly leveled than those around them irritator gag disappears quickly since for it to work you need to have it I’ve 5 levels higher. So up past badlands it’s just kinda

Booogy booger booogy booooo swap in
Slap pow wham your better Dino’s kill it

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Although Irritator Is My Favorite Dinosaur, I Have To Say It Is Not One Of The Best Common!

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I’ve been playing in the lower arenas–I gotta say, irritator is a beast! Definitely useful!


Good Even Is The Irritator Gen1 Because The Gen2 Is Not One Of The Best!


Highest one I’ve seen to date lol


The 1.7 updated changed Swap-in Shattering Strike for Swap-In Definite Strike.

Personally I think gives Irritator G2 more chance to be used and reduces it’s function as a DNA farm.